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aerobis – Functional Training Equipment from Germany

Innovative & Functional Full-Body Training

Our products aeroSling®, blackPack®, verso360 and physioFrame are at the cutting edge of innovative training solutions both for sport and fitness. At aerobis we are all completely focused on developing and manufacturing these innovative products and we are, of course, our own best customers.

Our goal is to manufacture high quality, mobile training equipment that allows our customers to train effectively just about anywhere. We offer the most exciting concept on both functional training and body weight training. aerobis training products are German products and subjected to the highest quality standards. First and foremost consideration in our designs are always the effective and sustainable training results of our customers – no matter whether they are beginners or professional athletes.

revvll® – Rope Resistance Training

revvll-one-fabrevvll Rope Resistance Training (RRT) enables a new training dimension because it let´s you pulling and pushing movements in all planes of motion. The intensity can be adjusted on different levels right on the device. The revvll® ONE is extremely compact, weighs under 6kg (13 lbs) and can be used anywhere. We deliver the device including a high-quality rope with 5 meters (16 ft) length and 30mm (1.18 in) diameter.

More details on the revvll ONE…

aeroSling® – the (R)Evolution of Sling Training

The sling trainers aeroSling® ELITE plus, aeroSling® ELITE and aeroSling® XPE enable an all-directional strength training (Suspended Pulley Training) with their central pulley system. The instability enforced by the central pulley allows you to train muscle strength and muscle coordination at the same time. The result is an effective increase in personal strength even in every-day situations.

Sling Training overview…

blackPack® – Strength Training with Sand or Water

blackPack® sandbags are perfect companion for your functional weight training. Our blackPack® PRO and blackPack® ESY sandbags offer new possibilities for effective weight training for strength. Their unique design is ideal for working out with unstable weights. Only blackPack® systems let you define the training resistance yourself as well as give you the freedom to choose between sand or water as a weight.

In depth information on blackPack…

verso360 – the Multifunctional Training Zone

The adjustable verso360 rigOur verso360 is an integrated, scalable all-round solution that is applicable just about anywhere. The quality, flexibility and mobility built into the verso360 is unequaled among its kind. It can be used as the central frame for aeroSling® group training (for instance in fitness studios and health clubs) as well as for your own personal functional strength training.

The verso360 system in detail…

Blackthorn Equipment for Functional Training

Get all Blackthorn Equipment in den Functional Movement Shop Under the brand Blackthorn Equipment we build commonly known functional training products in awesome quality at competitive prices. 
Made for everyone that has to rely on outstanding equipment! The line-up includes our awesome Battle Ropes, the Rope Arena and the new Blackthorn Sling Trainer.

Learn more about Blackthorn Equipment…

What the Pros say about our products:

A welcome addition to the arsenal of body weight workout equipment

Marc Sisson

The aeroSling ELITE is incredibly well made, easy to use, adaptable for all levels of fitness and can be used to work practically any muscle group. It nestles wonderfully into my health philosophy, a welcome addition to the arsenal of body weight workout equipment.

Bestselling Book author of ‘The Primal Blueprint’ - Marc Sisson
The Primal Blueprint founder

It’s easy to use, versatile and fun!

Frank Forencich

The aeroSling ELITE is an excellent training device that allows a vast range of highly integrated, functional movements.

It’s easy to use, versatile and fun!

Book author, speaker and coach – Frank Forencich
Exuberant Animal

I love it!


I have been using the aeroSling for the past 6 months in my training facility and LOVE it! I train elite athletes of multiple sports specializing in Rotational Power. I find the aeroSling to have the versatility to perform a variety of exercises that would otherwise be impossible with the current conventional suspension systems. The quality of the product allows even my biggest, strongest athletes to Load & Xplode! I will be featuring some of the exercises I have been Xperimenting with on my website soon!

Coach Jason Glass
Jason Glass Performance Lab

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