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aerobis stands for innovative Functional Training solutions – operating out of sports city Cologne, Germany. We are passionate about what we call Functional Movement. Therefore, our products focus on training of both strength and muscle coordination. Our production facilities are located in Germany and Europe and we therefore produce outstanding quality with fast delivery times.

With our brands aeroSling®, blackPack®, revvll® and Blackthorn we continuously develop high-quality, versatile, and unique training products for Functional Strength  and Bodyweight Training. Our mission is to manufacture top-quality and mobile devices that deliver optimal training results for our customers.

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With our frame systems verso360 and physioFrame we offer complete gym training functionality in compact space – largely independent of surrounding structural conditions.


We are our own best customers and think that life is too short for bad hardware!

In addition to the advancement of our product range the education of our training concepts is a central concern of aerobis. Next to the very cost-efficient Intro-Workshops for beginners we offer Certified Instructor education for advanced coaches e.g. for the aeroSling Suspended Pulley Training.

With our FuncMove Experts we offer a magazine by coaches for coaches. Our network of experienced training experts blogs and delivers insight into current exercise science issues.

In our webshop you can discover our whole portfolio within a few clicks. Aside from the products built by aerobis you can find additional training devices such as kettlebells, dumbbells, and barbells or accessories for athletic training.

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