Our fitness gym

The funcmove GYM is our blueprint for an optimal functional training gym. Completely equipped with aerobis equipment, the funcmove GYM functions not only as our showroom but also as a rentable location for seminars and personal trainings.

As manufacturer of functional training equipment we have a good amount of know-how in terms of training, not only regarding our own brands aeroSling, blackPack, verso360, revvll, and Blackthorn. Our showroom in Cologne not only serves as presentation of our products but first and foremost a fully equipped functional training gym which puts our motto We are the Functional Movement first. We think that we have built the optimal fitness gym for functional training. The result is the 120 sqm big funcmove GYM. But we can only train for a few hours a week. So what can we do with the rest of the week and a generously equipped functional training gym? We make it available for you and your customers!

The fitness gym for personal trainer and coaches

Are you a personal trainer and looking for a possibility to individually work with your clients in a professional environment? The funcmove GYM offers you a full range of training options that can be optimally adjusted to your clients’ needs. You can not only use the full aerobis equipment range but also barbells, dumbbells, med balls, kettlebells, and even two climbing ropes. Weight lifting, bodyweight training, athletic training, cross training – whatever you want, the funcmove GYM has it! You can find a more detailed list of all the equipment in the funcmove GYM further below.

  • Welcome to the funcmove GYM

  • A broad range of functional training equipment

  • Artificial lawn for athletic training

  • revvll PRO rope training

  • Climbing ropes

  • Sandbags, Kettlebells & Co.

  • Functional regeneration tool

  • Tablet for music

  • Changing rooms with showers

Flexible rent – from individual training to full day workshop

The funcmove GYM is at your disposal. Booking the funcmove GYM one hour in order to train with your clients is possible as well as booking it for a whole day to host your workshop here. The equipment is not only focussed on training alone. The stereo equipment is easily accessible through the installed tablet which also offers a timer app that let’s you control the timing of your workouts. Pre-installed streaming services will provide you with any musical background that you want. The big sofa is the perfect place for a chat before and after the training session. Of course, there are seperate chaging rooms with showers. The funcmove GYM is a fully-equipped gym that you can rent as needed.

Renting options & prices

Ticket of ten à € 99,-
equals 20 slots

Day rental à € 249,-

Monthly rent à € 299,-
equals 80 Slots

1 Slot = 1 Person à 1 hour

All prices excl. 19% VAT

Opening hours

Ticket of ten & monthly rent:
Mo-Fr 9.00 – 17.00 Uhr

Day rent:
exclusive access, times by arrangement


Email: funcmove@aerobis.com

Phone: +49 (0) 2234  8985290

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