aerobis at FIBO 2013

Visit aerobis – It’s worth it!

Our products aeroSling®, blackPack®, revvll® and verso360 are at the cutting edge of innovative training solutions both for sport and fitness. At aerobis we are all completely focused on developing and manufacturing these innovative products and we are, of course, our own best customers.

Our goal is to manufacture high quality and effective equipment that allows our customers to train effectively just about anywhere. We offer the most exciting concept on both functional training and body weight training. aerobis training products are German products and subjected to the highest quality standards. First and foremost consideration in our designs are always the effective and sustainable training results of our customers – no matter whether they are beginners or professional athletes.

Visit us and be inspired!

Halle 7 – Stand D39


Halle 9 – Stand D01-9


Why 2 aerobis boothes?

Functional Fitness is booming and FIBO now offers a distinct Functional Training area for the first time. Of course aerobis has to be there so this year we decided to have 2 boothes – one with the established manufactures in hall 7 (D39) and a functional training booth in hall 9 (D01-9).