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Health guidelines:

The aeroSling® XPE / ELITE / ELITE Plus is a demanding and powerful tool for physical fitness training at home. Please note our guidelines concerning safety and setup of the device to avoid injuries and accidents. Please consult your doctor, therapist, or trainer before training with the device for the first time! They can advise you accordingly and design an individual training plan for you. Get accustomed to the training slowly and don’t overburden yourself. You should start with uncomplicated exercises with little resistance and, if possible, train together with a training partner that can support you.

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Before you start – handling of the aeroSling

The aeroSling suspension trainer is optimized for easy handling. In the following video, we have put together some guidelines that visualize the handling of the aeroSling. Here, you will learn how to mount the aeroSling with its anchor sling, how to adjust the rope length with the grip knots, and how to regulate the intensity of the exercises. Additionally, the video will show you how to install original aeroSling accessories like the Flex Handles or the Blackthorn Rowstick.

Exercises with the aeroSling suspension trainer

The aeroSling offers a variety of exercises that is impossible to fully represent here, even we are constantly surprised by new exercise variations that our customers and friends come up with. This is not going to stop us from trying, though! We have divided the different exercises according to certain body parts because, for once, it gives a good impression of the targeted muscle groups and, secondly, it is also easy to understand for people that follow the principles of functional training for the first time. Since with sling training you generally train several muscle groups simultaneously with one and the same exercise, you will find some exercises in more than one category.

To start with your training you can simply pick two or three exercises per body part and build your own workout. You can also use our workouts that we present to you further down this page. Should you have any questions, you can always send us an email, use the LiveChat on this page or give us a call. We will be happy to help you!

Arm Training

The aeroSling is characterized by its ability to train several mscules groups simultaneously in one exercise. Thus, an isolation training, e.g. of the arms, is not necessary. With exercises like pull-ups or rowing, however, it is often the smaller muscle groups that become the limiting factor. While the bigger muscle groups could easily handle a few more reps, the smaller muscles burn out quicker. To resolve these bottle necks, an isolated arm training can be reasonable.

Leg training

The legs can be trained in different ways with the aeroSling. Either, you hold the handles in both hands and stay on the ground with one or both legs, or you put your feet into the handles. For this, you can simply push the handles of the aeroSling XPE and ELITE aside and use the grip slings as foot straps. With the aeroSling ELITE Plus the foot straps are already installed below the handles. For some exercises like the sprint start it can also be of advantage to use the single handle mode (see handling video above).

Shoulder training

The shoulders are almost always involved when training with the aeroSling, whether actively as a moving body part or passively as stabilizing muscles. When it comes to shoulder training the aeroSling can perfectly show off its strengths because regular bodyweight training without equipment makes shoulder training hard to realize. The aeroSling, however, lets you train your shoulders in all directions and with adjustable resistance. Strong shoulders are not only important for your training, they are also important for your posture. Neck and shoulder tension due to prolonged sitting at a desk is a common problem for most people. Shoulder training with the aeroSling can provide a remedy.

Back training

Back pain has become the most common result of a modern lifestyle with hours of sitting. Many health problems are related to back pain: sitting for a long time will damage your posture, the lower back muscles will become weak, and frequent pain can be the result. Back training with the aeroSling is a very good counter measure because you have to actively keep your body straight, watch your posture in every movement, and it trains your core in almost every exercise. This will fight off potential dysbalances between your back and core muscles and form the base for a good posture and a pain-free back.

Core training

A strong core with a visible sixpack commonly stands for physical fitness and is the main goal for many trainees. Crunches, however, are often the wrong way to approach this goal because they train the belly in a movement that can quickly hurt the back. Additionally, the core is much more than just the belly and has a lot more objectives than just contracting vertically. It stabilizes the body, allows for an optimal transfer of strength from the lower limbs to the upper limbs, and makes a major contribution to our posture. Thus, it is crucial to train the core with varying impulses to make sure it can handle all of its tasks. The special characteristic of aeroSling training is the fact that the core is constantly involved in every exercise because it is needed to keep up body tension. This gives aeroSling training a major advantage over common training machines in which you sit down. With those, you will only train your core when it is a special core machine.

aeroSling training plans

With the embedded videos above you can design a workout or even a whole training plan. If you are unsure whether your self-designed training plan is well-balanced you can first use the plans that we present you here. They are suitable for beginners as well as advanced traines. Choose the one that suits your number of workouts per week. Both workouts are shown in a video playlist but you can also download them as a pdf file.

Full Body Workout Compact: 1 Training Day per Week

Circuit training combines strength and cardio training, which enables you to get a complete workout in a short period of time. It targets different muscle groups on each subsequent exercise. This ensures recovery of unused muscles even during exercises and shortens the need for recovery breaks between exercises. Keep breaks between exercises brisk (under 30 seconds).

Circuit repetitions: Beginner 2x | Advanced 3x

Breaks: after each exercise: max. 30 Sec. | After each set / completed circuit: max. 2 Min.

In the following playlist you can see all exercises of the full body plan as they occur in the workout. So if you don’t have the printed training plan with you, you can simply use this playlist to look up the order of the exercises in this particular workout, and also look up the execution of any exercise of this workout.

Split Workout: 2 Training Days per Week

Split training is targeted towards advanced users, provided that you have at least two or more training days per week are available. It is a great way to maximize results in terms of strength training. Take at least two days of recovery between each workout. Muscle groups are trained on separate days. Below find an easy to apply 2 split training plan.

Circuit repetitions: Beginner 1x | Advanced 2x

Breaks: after each exercise: max. 30 Sec. | after each set / completed circuit: max. 5 Min.

Unilateral exercises: change the order if you do more than one set (left, right).

In the following playlist you can see all exercises of the split plan as they occur in the workout. So if you don’t have the printed training plan with you, you can simply use this playlist to look up the order of the exercises in this particular workout, and also look up the execution of any exercise of this workout.