Artzt Vit. aeroSling®

aeroSling® – a brand with strong products. Besides the aeroSling® ELITE there is currently one other Sling Trainer. It is called ARTZT VITALITY® aeroSling® and is distributed by our partner Artzt. Both models are based on the aeroSling® Sling Training principles but implement it in their own unique way.

Artzt Vit aeroSling 1The aeroSling® ELITE is the model for aeroSlingers that demand maximum flexibility in their training. The grip height can be adjusted with simply to use grip knot specially designed for the aeroSling® ELITE. Most of time it is sufficient to only adjust one of the two grip knots for super-fast adjustment. The aeroSling® ELITE allows for alternating movements over the whole main rope length and enables the maximum number of possible of exercises. The aeroSling® ELITE comes with high-quality aluminum core grip handles as standard.

Artzt Vit aeroSling 2The ARTZT VITALITY® aeroSling® has been created with easy handling even for first-time aeroSlingers in mind. It can be adjusted with a patented, easy to use buckle system. It comes with an intuitive, build-on way to neutralize the instability for very hard and/or new exercises. That way you can slowly work towards a new level of intensity without compromising good form and posture during exercise. The ARTZT VITALITY® aeroSling® comes with padded, flexible handles as standard that are also optionally available for the aeroSling® ELITE.