Battle Rope Guide

Which Battle Rope is the right one for me?

Battle Ropes can be found in different lengths and with different diameters. The Battle Rope guide by aerobis tells you which Battle Rope is the right one for you and your functional training.

Battle Rope Guide 1

Space requirements

The space requirements for Battle Rope Training are the first important factor that you have to consider before buying one for yourself. What space does your gym offer? Will you take your training outside? Over what distance will you be able to lay out the Battle Rope? This is the most important question that you have to answer for yourself. The space you will need right and left to you depends on the exercises (single or buddy training) but will rarely be more than two to three meters. The length of the Battle Rope will be double the size of the space you have because the rope is parted in the middle by the anchor point. Thus, if you have 6 m of space you would get a 10 m long Battle Rope. Taking the longer 15 m version only makes sense with an available distance of at least 8 m.

The influence of the length of the rope on the difficulty of training is actually not that big. It all depends on whether the waves you are creating are supposed to reach the anchor point. If so you will need to invest significantly more energy. The closer the waves come to the anchor point the harder the training will be. Another factor that you have to consider when deciding which Battle Rope is the right one for you is the diameter of the rope.

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Diameter of the rope

The diameter of the Battle Rope is essential in determining the intensity of the rope training. Not only do you have to grip the rope tighter but the rope also has a greater weight that you have to move in every movement. The following chart will give you an overview of the different rope lengths and their weight depending on the diameter:

For all personal trainer and those of you that like to take their training outside the weight is also very important so you know what weight you have to carry for every training session.

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This is the Battle Rope you should choose

The two factors length and diameter create different intensities when training with Battle Ropes. Based on our own experiences and the feedback from several trainers and coaches we have created these recommendations that should help you decide which Battle Rope is the best choice for you:


Battle Rope mounting

Battle Rope Guide 4

The simplicity of the Battle Rope is unrivaled amongst training equipment and still, training can be pretty challenging. The simple form of this piece of equipment also allows for a simple mounting almost everywhere. Just put the middle part of the rope around a tree, lantern, soccer goal, fence, bank, etc… Make sure that the holding structure is strong enough for the resulting forces when the rope is swinging wildly. Everyone who has worked with the Battle Rope in a buddy training situation and held the center of the rope while the other trainee was swinging away knows what forces can occur at the mounting point. However, finding a suitable mounting point shouldn’t be problematic. To maintain the structure of the Battle Rope for a long time we recommend using the Blackthorn Rope Protect that will protect your Battle Rope at the mounting point. Especially outdoor enthusiasts should buy a Rope Protect directly with their Battle Rope.

Battle Rope Guide 5

For everyone looking for a permanent mounting for the Battle Rope we also offer the Blackthorn Rope Mount. This anchor is fixed to your gym wall. If you prefer a fixed solution please make sure that you don’t install the anchor too low. 20-30 cm above the floor is preferable in order to give the rope space to swing even over the last meter.

Group training with the Battle Rope is also possible and even more fun than training alone. A perfect solution to work with several trainees at a time is our Blackthorn Rope Arena. Given the necessary space the Rope Arena allows for up to 10 trainees. Make sure to put a few weight plates on the pin in the middle of the Rope Arena to keep it in place when everyone is giving their best. Additionally, the coach can stand on top of the Rope Arena as our Master Coach Fabien does in the top most picture on this page. This doesn’t only just look good, you will also have a perfect view of each of your clients and can interact with them directly.

Any questions left?

Should you have any further questions please don’t hesitate to contact us. Whether via email to or you simply use the LiveChat on this website (available on workdays from 9am to 5pm CET). We would love to help you!

Battle Rope exercises

Click the following link for Blackthorn Battle Ropes exercise and instructional videos! Find some of our favorite battle rope exercises as instructional videos. Grab the rope and make waves!