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What is Battle Rope Training?

Battle Rope Training is a very intense workout with a rope that you swing with your hands. The Battle Rope is anchored to a strong holding point and you hold the ends of the rope in your hands. Usually, the Battle Rope is swung in undulations or circular and alternating motions. This creates a unique functional training that is unlike any other form of training. You can implement Battle Rope Training as a cardio workout to burn off calories fast, or use it as an additional functional training to supplement your sport-specific training. Mixed martial artists, amongst others, frequently include Battle Rope Training into their metabolic conditioning. Even if you don’t have any specific aspirations apart from getting and being fit Battle Rope Training is a great way to release stress and to burn off all extra energy. You can regulate the intensity of Battle Rope Training by creating bigger (more difficult) or smaller (easier) waves. Additionally, there are Battle Ropes in different lengths and diameters which will significantly influence the difficulty of the workout. The longer and thicker a rope, the more challenging the workout will be because you have to move more weight with every movement and every wave. The only requirements that Battle Rope Training has are enough space (at least 5 m) and a strong anchor point. With a Battle Rope you can train indoors as well as outdoors. When it comes to outdoor training, though, the material and the quality of the rope are especially important.

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For whom is Battle Rope Training suitable?

Short and simple: everyone. From beginners to professional athletes, everybody can improve their strength, strength-endurance, muscle coordination, and joint stability with Battle Rope Training. Every basic exercise can be varied in speed and variation according to your fitness. Even though the arms are the main target area with rope training, your core will have to work constantly to keep your body straight and to ensure that the generated muscle strength is optimally transferred to the ropes. Additionally, you can modify most of the exercises with lunges or jumps to incorporate your whole body. Battle Rope Training is the perfect addition to sling training, sandbag training, or strength training in general because it trains not only strength but especially strength-endurance. As a finisher at the end of a strength training unit, a Battle Rope unit can fire up your metabolism and cause an increased energy consumption with an afterburner effect.

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The build-up of a Battle Rope?

Battle Ropes are typically between 30 and 45 mm (1.2 in to 1.8 in) thick and between 10 and 20 m (33 ft and 66 ft) long. The most common materials for Battle Ropes are manila, nylon, and polyester. Together with the weight of the rope the flexibility is the determining factor for the efficiency of the training. When using the Battle Rope outdoors you also have to consider how the rope will behave when it gets wet or when it is exposed to intense sunlight. Manila and nylon ropes typically are cheaper than polyester ropes. However, they are usually not as robust as polyester ropes. Especially manila ropes shouldn’t be used outdoors because they are not UV resistant and soak up water easily. If they are not fully dried afterwards they can start to smell and even mold. Polyester ropes are heavier than nylon and manila ropes, which makes the training more challenging overall, but they are more durable and the best choice for outdoor use of all the mentioned materials.

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The Blackthorn Battle Ropes have an enclosed core that is encased with a polyester sheathing. This makes the Blackthorn Battle Ropes about 35% heavier with a smaller volume than nylon ropes. The polyester sheathing is woven with a special weaving technique and sown to the core at the ends. Thus, the core will keep in place, even when the rope gets wet or is exposed to heavy sunlight.

Which Battle Rope is the right one for me?

Before you go ahead and buy a Battle Rope you should ask yourself a couple of questions to find out which is the perfect Battle Rope for you. Starting with your fitness level, to your training space, and the application area you should find out your personal requirement profile and make a decision based on that knowledge. To help you make the best decision we have designed the Battle Rope Guide that will run you through the most important questions and should lead you to the best decision according to your personal needs. If you have additional questions you can always contact us or use the LiveChat on this website. We will gladly help you!

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Battle Rope exercises

On this page you will find our favorite exercises with the Battle Ropes for an challenging and effective functional training. If you have further exercises that you would like us to include or that you want to share with other users simply send us an email to We are looking forward to your feedback!

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