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blackPack sandbag FAQ frequently asked questions

Everything you need to know about the aeroSling suspended pulley trainer

In the aeroSling FAQs we are trying to answer all of the questions that customer ask us. This way you have an easily searchable database that might help you with your purchase or solve a problem that you couldn’t solve on your own. And maybe you can even get an inspiration that will make your sling training even more effective.

What is sandbag training?

Sandbag training is a form of weight training that makes use of the instability of the sandbag filling. Since the sand (or water) inside of the sandbag moves around during exercises there is an instable weight that the trainee has to control actively. Dumbbells and other weight training equipment doesn’t change its form during movements while sandbags do change their outer and inner form and the weight distribution inside the bag changes constantly.

Sandbag training offers a mixture of classic barbell exercises and kettlebell exercises, combined with sandbag-exclusive exercises. Since the weight is instable it makes sense to train explosively with sandbags because the trainee has to control the weight in every movement which demands not only strength but also coordination.

How does the blackPack differ from other sandbags?

The blackPack is, strictly speaking, a mixture of bulgarian bags and sandbags. Every blackPack versions offers different handle variations that allow for a versatile and diversified training. The biggest advantage of the blackPacks is the flexible loading. You can easily adjust the load of every version by simply adding or removing some of the filling. During training you can also adjust the load by quickly adding or removing Loading-Bags thanks to the wide openings on the upper side of each blackPack. Almost like with a barbell where you put weight plates on and off you can change the training load with the Loading-Bags of the blackPack. You can not only use sand or steel shots as filling but every other material that has similar characteristics and no sharp edges..

Yet another advantage: the blackPack can not only be filled with sand but also with water. With the Loading-Bag AQUA the instability can be increased significantly, adjusting it via the mixture of air and water inside the Loading-Bag.

What are the differences between the blackPack ESY and the blackPack PRO?

The most significant difference between the blackPack PRO and the blackPack ESY is the outer shell. While all blackPack ESYs are made of textile, the blackPack PRO is made of PVC. Thus, the blackPack PRO is easier to clean after a thorough outdoor training and it is better suited as a pulling/dragging weight.
The openings differ greatly, too. The blackPack ESYs use a combination of zipper and velcro opening, the blackPack PRO has a folding opening with magents.
The opening of the PRO is designed in this special way to allow for another feature: compression. With the folding and three straps on top you can adjust the volume of the PRO. A greater volume will allow for greater instability of the load whereas a smaller volume leaves no space for the filling to move inside the blackPack.

Further differences are best shown in the following downloadable table which gives you a good overview of all available blackPack versions.

blackPack sandbag versions comparison table

How do I load the blackPack?

The blackPack is loaded indirectly which means you fill the included Loading-Bags and put them inside the blackPack. You are, of course, free to fill the blackPack directly with sand or other materials (plastic bottles, gravel with no sharp edges, Steel Shots), which is a great alternative especially if you are on the road. See how to put the Loading-Bags into the blackPack in the following video:


What do I load the blackPack with?

As mentioned before, the blackPack are loaded with Loading-Bags. There are two different versions of the Loading-Bag, the Loading-Bag SAND and the Loading-Bag AQUA. The former can be filled with sand or similar material, the latter is designed for water only.

Do I need different blackPacks for the different Loading-Bags?

No. Whether you put one Loading-Bag AQUA or up to three Loading-Bags SAND (depending on the size of the blackPack version) into you blackPack makes no difference to the blackPack. For your training, however, it will make a huge difference. For the blackPack ESY S and M you have to use the respective Loading-Bag AQUA size.

How do I adjust the blackPack PRO?

The blackPack PRO is adjusted with three straps on the top. Simply tighten or loosen them to adjust the volume (and, thus, the instability) to your liking and your training needs.

What handle variations are there?

All blackPacks offer several handle variations. All sizes have two parallel handles, two baton handles, and two handles on the sides. Conditioned by their smaller size, the blackPack ESY S and M have one central, horizontal handle while the blackPack ESY L and PRO have two horizontal handles. The blackPack PRO is the only blackPack that also has two carrying handles on the top.

What is the maximum load of the blackPack?

The maximum load of the blackPack is directly proportional to its size. The blackPack ESY S, for example, can be filled with up to 10 kg (22 lb), the bigger sizes are tiered in 10 kg steps:

  • blackPack ESY S: 10 kg / 22 lb
  • blackPack ESY M: 20 kg / 44 lb
  • blackPack ESY L: 30 kg / 66 lb
  • blackPack PRO: 40 kg / 88 lb

You can also use Steel Shots to keep the volume to a minimum. The maximum weights, however, should not be exceeded. When using the Loading-Bag AQUA we also recommend not to exceed the given weights. Here, you also have to take into account that the mixture of air and water can increase the volume in a way that it only allows lighter training weights. The higher instability in return makes up for the lighter training weight.

How do I connect the blackPack with the aeroSling suspension trainer?

Every blackPack version has two baton handles on the sides with one connector loop on each end. This can be used to connect the grip carabiner of the aeroSling ELITE suspension trainer.

close up connection blackPack sandbag aeroSling suspension trainer

Can I connect the blackPack with other equipment?

The blackPack PRO is well suited as pulling/dragging weight. Thus, it can also be used in connection with a Battle Rope to be pulled over greater distances.

connection blackPack PRO Blackthorn Battle Rope