Blackthorn Battle Ropes

Blackthorn Battle Ropes

This looks so easy…

Blackthorn Battle Ropes offer you an unrivaled functional training, or better rope training, that does not only challenge your endurance, but also your strength and coordination. Yet the basic position for every exercise is fairly simple and the movements don’t look particularly demanding. But be advised: the Battle Rope training is damn hard! Everybody who ever tried it knows how well you can work yourself out with rope training.

Blackthorn Battle Ropes

Suitable for beginners as well

At the same time, rope training offers a few advantages over traditional endurance sports that make it appealing to beginners. Not only can the intensity of the training be determined by the rope itself (the longer and thicker, the harder), but by the execution of the movement. In order to achieve bigger amplitudes of the waves, one has to exert more power.Blackthorn Battle Ropes Since the ropes make waves during the exercise you get a direct feedback regarding your movement. And last but not least, the exercises are very joint-friendly, because they consist of fluid movements. So there is no doubt as to why the Battle Ropes grow and grow in popularity!

Best quality for best workouts

If you have acquired a taste for Battle Rope training now, you should check out our Blackthorn Battle Ropes. With Blackthorn Battle Ropes you get a high-quality rope for every type of rope training, whether indoors or outdoors. Thanks to the sophisticated weaving technique the ropes are at the same time more durable and 35% heavier than conventional nylon ropes at less volume. They offer outstanding ‘wave characteristics’ and moisture or UV radiation cannot harm Blackthorn Battle Ropes. The only thing left to do for you is chosing a rope according to your fitness level and your rope training can begin!

Which Battle Rope is the right one for me?

If you are unsure about which Battle Rope is the right one for you and your training, then our Battle Rope guide will help you. Find out what you have to consider before starting Battle Rope training and which length and which diameter you will need. This way for the Battle Rope guide.

Battle Ropes example exercises

Click the following link for Blackthorn Battle Ropes exercise and instruction videos!