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aerobis Weihnachtsaktion - Spenden für das Deutsche Kinderhilfswerkaerobis christmas special - donations for Deutsche Kinderhilfswerk

Christmas special – donations to the Deutsche Kinderhilfswerk (update)

The aerobis Christmas Special helps children in need. With every order that we receive from December 1st to 24th we will donate 15% of the order value to the Deutsche Kinderhilfswerk.
4. January 2017/by Benjamin Fuhrmann
aeroSling ELITE test winner -

aeroSling comes out on top again!

The aeroSling ELITE comes out on top in a comparison of the best known suspension trainers!
20. November 2016/by Benjamin Fuhrmann
Warum du mit dem Sandbag trainieren solltestWhy you should train with a sandbag

Why you should train with a sandbag

What you can accomplish with the help of sandbag training:…
5. September 2016/by Fabien Mpouma
3 Functional Training Life Hacks - aerobis Blog

3 functional training “life hacks” that keep you motivated to work out regularly

So you are asking yourself whether functional training is the…
11. July 2016/by Fabien Mpouma
Introducing: alphabands - aerobis Blog

Introducing: the new alphabands elastic bands

7. July 2016/by Benjamin Fuhrmann
Time your training - aerobis Blog

Time your training for maximum results

Lift your training to a new level by tweaking the timing of your…
9. June 2016/by Fabien Mpouma
revvll PRO Rep Counter

Count on it – revvll PRO rope trainer with Rep Counter

The revvll PRO now comes with a Rep Counter integrated into the rope. This not only makes your training measurable, it also gives you new possibilities to challenge yourself every day. Find out here, how revvll training in 2016 will look.
3. June 2016/by Benjamin Fuhrmann

These 3 fitness exercises will improve your performance (incl. howto videos!)

Does it always have to be squatting & bench pressing? Doesn't a modern life require different training methods? We show you 3 exercises that are guaranteed to increase your performance.
19. May 2016/by Fabien Mpouma

The most effective rope training – the revvll PRO

The revvll PRO offers an unrivaled training. It offers significantly more exercises than you would guess at first sight. We show you what it is capable of in our video.
2. May 2016/by Fabien Mpouma
FIBO 2016 Review - aerobis Blog

FIBO 2016 – Review

15. April 2016/by Benjamin Fuhrmann

More than just a skipping rope

The Blackthorn Battle Jump Rope is much more than 'just' a heavy skipping rope. We show you exercises that you have probably never done like this before, individually and as partner exercises.
26. February 2016/by Fabien Mpouma

Cardio sucks! – 6 alternative Training Methods to Burn Fat

Cardio sucks? Not quite, it can actually be lots of fun. Our 6 workout tips will make cardio training fun again, even for the greatest cardio haters.
22. February 2016/by Fabien Mpouma

These 5 elements belong into your training plan

These 5 elements belong in every training plan: our FuncMove Expert Gregor Akkerman shows you how an optimal training plan has to be designed for optimal results.
16. February 2016/by Gregor Akkerman
Ist CrossFit Paleo?Ist CrossFit Paleo?

Sorry, not paleo

This article was first published on Paleo Magazine. Thanks to…
4. February 2016/by Frank Forencich

Your training plan for the new year – part two

Our New Year's Workout continues: with the second part of our training we will get you closer to your best form and your goals for 2016 come even closer.
19. January 2016/by Fabien Mpouma

Why you New Year’s resolutions fail & 5 tips to get you back on track

A new year - new bad luck!And suddenly we're in a new year... I…
8. January 2016/by Fabien Mpouma
New Year's Resolution Workout

The New Year’s Resolutions Workout

We will help you realize your New Year's resolutions for 2016. We will build a foundation with our training plan. Our training video shows you all exercises and you can workout immediately alongside the video. In the second part we build on this foundation and get you closer to your dream figure.
30. December 2015/by Benjamin Fuhrmann

School Subject Sport 21.0 – one possible development approach for a new future of school sports

Movement is life - that's for certain. Maybe evolution has explicitly…
8. December 2015/by Der kleine Lionel
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