Any given sunday

Any given sunday!

Yes, correct, that was the name of a very good movie in 1999 that was centered around the no.1 national sport of the USA, football.

The message is clear: any given sunday is dedicated to football. Ok, alright… God and football.


The movie is about dedication, passion, and the demise of the society. But why do I tell you that? Because any given sunday is Germany’s no.1 sports day!

And I am not talking about the 12 million Germans sitting on the couch with a beer in their hand and coaching their teams better like any real coach could ever do. I am talking about real physical activity. No other day sees more activity in Germany.

That makes sense, though. Sunday is generally the day of the week when most people don’t have to work and have enough time for their hobbies. Saturday is often the day for weekly chores or familial obligations where people do their weekly shopping (which is, by the way, absolute horror). According to surveys, 11.8 million Germans like to get their sweat on in gyms, boxes, and outdoors every week. I can see how the parks and green areas in my neighbourhood are packed with joggers, walkers, and ramblers.


SHouldn’t be the seventh day the day of rest and idleness according to our Christian values and shouldn’t we rather go to church or enjoy a lengthy breakfast after sleeping late?

Well, it simply is a good equalizer to get out of the house for one or two hours and be active. If you want you can go to a gym…

…or you treat yourself with some fresh air (as the hordes of joggers do in the park). I think that is just the logic response to our daily routine at work where we spend hours and hours sitting inside. See this blog post for more on that.

treadmill jogging

But back to topic.

What are the most popular physical activities that are then practized every sunday? Many Germans would hit the buzzer and scream football (or soccer, as the Americans call it (which is wrong)). Well, I thought that, too. For the aforementioned group of people (the ones with the beer in their hand), that is actually correct: football is the most watched sport by a big margin, followed by boxing and motorsport. And the DFB, the German football association, is the biggest sports association in the world, with 161.000 teams and over 6.9 million members.


Oh god, he said ‘but’… When we are talking about sports that are actually practized then jogging and cycling are the unbeaten champions of choice. On any given sunday.

What about you? Are you active on sundays as well? What do you think your national sports are in terms of most people practicing it?

Let us know in the comments!

Get functional,
Your Fabien

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