aS Sling Trainer – Squat (basic)

One of the most basic exercises is the squat. For this reason we present you the squat in the base version today.

Setting up your aeroSling Sling Trainer

  • Rope length: Full length
  • Grip mode: Dual handle mode

Starting position

  • Look to the anchor point
  • Feet hip width apart and placed parallel
  • Your arms are outstretched in front of you, the handles are at the height of your belly button.

Movement sequence

  • Bend your knee and you try to sit with your back on the floor.
  • Just before your back actually reach the ground you stop.
  • Your back should now be as close as possible to your heels.

Major muscle groups

  • Front of thigh (quadriceps)
  • (Large) Gluteal muscle


  • Your feet closer or wider
  • Slightly staggered step position
  • In the starting position slightly further forward to take less “help” on the aeroSling .
  • While sitting down, the arms are slightly bent.
  • One-legged squats (see aS Sling trainer – Pistol)

Important notes

  • The weight is shifted slightly more on your heels during the squat.
  • Make sure that the heels are on the ground and there also remains especially when you reach the lowest point is to.
  • During the squat you’re trying the aeroSling to “abuse” as little as possible.
  • Your power comes mainly from your glutes and your legs.
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  1. Detlev Huber
    Detlev Huber says:

    Ich habe hier eine sehr gute Seite bezüglich Slin-training gefunden. Für Anfänger bis Profi-sportler geeignet . Viel Spaß

    Lg Detlev

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