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Build your own Gym – Installing the training frame – part 2

Build your own Gym - The aerobis Gym

Good things come to those who wait!

In the last post we have already started with installing the training frame. Now, the remaining frame parts and the artificial turf have finally arrived. After what felt like forever (not that we sat here waiting, we had plenty of other things to do) we can finally put the finishing touches to our materialized idea of the ideal functional training gym. Thus, we can finalize the two most important parts of the gym: the floor and the verso360 frames. The alpha and the omega of our aerobis Gym. The foundation of our training. And in order to get a solid foundation you need to spend some time. Rome wasn’t build in a day either.

Beware: before you put the frame in its final position you need to make sure that the floor is properly laid out and glued on. As I have already mentioned in a previous post the rubber mats can deform a bit after laying them out, just like tectonic plates it can move a bit and end up in a different place. This has to do with the room temperature and other factors. Thus, you need to let it ‘get accustomed’ to its new home before you glue it to the ground. Additionally, since we were waiting for the artificial turf we didn’t really know how much of the last row of puzzle mats we needed to cut off. Thus, we have laid it out without glueing it to the ground. It paid of in the end because you always have to rearrange the floor again in one place or the other.

The aerobis Gym - verso360 training frame 1
The aerobis Gym - verso360 training frame 2

This will blue you away

Everybody can do green“ was Elmar’s thought and so he decided to give the artificial turf a little twist.

Matching our company colors the turf sports a bright blue. It will surprise you at first but we all feel it is the perfect choice. As you can see from the picture below the turf is laid out right next to the training area. Finally, we can do sprints, walking lunges, crawls or push and pull a sled without having to worry about running into a training frame or another trainee. Thus, the turf projects beyond the rest of the training area so you don’t have to eject the drogue parachute after 3 m (which is an important tool for Flo because as a hobby track and field athlete he is faster than a space shuttle in nose dive). By the way, we laid out the turf next to the puzzle mats and did not place it onto the mats. I had to put the box cutter to good use. Lay out, cut off, glue on, and let’s go! Make sure you use a thick turf that cushions your movements on the concrete floor underneath. You don’t want the floor to be too hard. Or you choose to lay the turf out on top of the puzzle mats. Then, you will have to use a thinner turf. Otherwise it will probably feel more like a swamp because the floor will be too soft.

laying out the artificial turf in the aerobis Gym -1
laying out the artificial turf in the aerobis Gym -2

You can’t build a gym without drilling some holes

Now, I could finally go back to my favorite part: drilling holes.

After all, the frame has to be fixed to the floor. Well, technically you don’t have to drill holes to fix the verso360 to the floor. You can also just weigh it down with weight plates that you put on the weight pins of the verso360 legs. This, however, is only preferable if you can’t drill holes into your floor (because your landlord forbids it or you are afraid that you might puncture an oil spring and you prefer making money with training rather than being a multi-billion oil lord) or you want to rearrange your training frame in the near future. While I was already drilling holes I also installed the revvll Adjust on the wall. Our multi-functional rail can not only be screwed to the verso360 frame but also to the wall. Supported by two T-Mounts this will create an all-purpose gym wall. In the future, there will be aeroSlings, revvlls, and Elastic Trainers ready to go.

Fabi installs the verso360 in our aerobis Gym

And that’s it from our Garden Eden of functional training for this week! Next week we will enter the final phase. The fine tuning so to speak. Also, you can expect a surprise for our FuncMove followers so keep an eye out for the next part of Build your own Gym!


Get functional!
Your Fabien

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