Build your own gym #2 – The first deliveries have arrived!

Build your own gym #2 - laying the floor and unpacking equipment

“You’ve got mail”

After covering the basics with measuring the space thoroughly last time our aerobis gym takes form rapidly. Recently, not only the floor but also a large portion of the desired equipment has been delivered. Suddenly, it was really crowded in here after we first thought that we almost had too much space. Thus, we started immediately with laying the floor. Good thing Fabi was desperately waiting for the deliveries like a child awaiting christmas eve. He went to work enthusiastically and did all the work by himself in record time.

The floor & equipment for the aerobis gym have arrived!

Not so fast!

When laying the gym floor you have to take into account that it can deform a bit after it has been put in place. Our floor has been delivered as rolls so it had to ‘unroll’ for a couple of hours to take its final position. Thus, you should definitely let your floor lie for a bit before you fixate it with double-faced adhesive tape. This applies to gym made up of puzzle mats as well, by the way! The puzzle mats can also move and deform after being laid out due to variations in temperature or when rolling heavy equipment on the mats. No matter how tempting it will be to go on and place all of your good stuff on the floor to start training as soon as possible – wait for at least 12 hours. If you see the floor in front of you the anticipation almost becomes unbearable. At least that was the case with us:

Fabi has laid out the floor for our aerobis gym

On to the equipment

After laying out the floor and the safe fixation with double-faced adhesive tape you can continue with the equipment like dumbbells, kettlebells, and medicine balls. Taking the dumbbels out of the wooden crate they came in is a workout in itself. But wait! Not so fast. First, you should assemble the necessary racks and shelves and put them in the right place. These are heavy enough without the weights. Once you put the kettlebells or dumbbells on them they become immovable objects. Additionally, you will save yourself unnecessary mileage because you can directly place the equipment on the right place. The place will look really tidy and you won’t have to drag the stuff all over the place to get it out of the boxes, place it where it doesn’t bother you during your work, and then place it in the right rack. Our place looks like this now:

Build your own gym - store sandbags & kettlebells

Carry on and on

Even though one corner already looks like a real gym the rest of the aerobis gym is still completely empty. However, we want to use our verso360 frames to store most of the barbells weight plates and the wall balls. Thus, the next step is to assemble the different frame variations. A few pallets will need to stay unpacked until the frames are installed. Elmar, who made his personal dream of a functional training gym a reality with the aerobis gym aka living showroom, has already talked through all the possible frame installations with Fabi. Ultimately, we don’t just want to show everything that is possible but combine it to a reasonable whole. But before we can install the frames there are a lot holes that need to be drilled. More on that in another post.

See you next time and sportive greetings,


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