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After the shipments had arrived last week we started to lay out the floor. Now, we can finally work on getting the training frames up.

Modular frames – or why it helps to have played with Lego in your childhood

It is obvious that we were going to use our own training frames for our aerobis gym. Firstly, we definitely have to show off all the features our frames offer, following the motto: if you’ve got it, flaunt it. Secondly, our verso360 system is our own development. So we have designed it with the purpose to offer the perfect requirements for our functional training equipment like the aeroSling suspension trainer. Thus, it perfectly fits our notion of an optimal functional training frame. Oh, and it is really easy to screw together. The verso360 system is well-thought-out and easy to install. After all those expos, workshops, and inhouse installations it would be simply embarrassing if we couldn’t assemble them quicker than Superman can read a book.

Get a borer for the verso360 wall installation

The parts of the verso360 are very flexible and can be connected to almost every other part. It is almost like a giant Lego kit. This is also the reason why we start off with a simple wall solution and extend it afterwards and step by step. The last step will be a free-standing solution that will complete the verso360 line up. While the free-standing solution can be used without bolting it to the ground, the wall solution requires the skillful use of a good percussion drill. (And Fabien is a master craftsman so he can handle the drill better than Zorro does his sable, which is nice, editor’s note). So mark the holes, drill away, and get dirty! Especially when it comes to the holes in the floor you will not only need a good drill, but also some muscular strength to drill deep enough.

You will need special concrete dowels for the floor

All beginnings are small

Next step: put the dowels in, get the frame into position, and put the screws in. These should be at least 8 mm wide and 60 mm long to guarantee optimal stability. And when the wall installation is finally up it already looks like a nice little functional gym. If you have not that much space and you want to preserve as much free space as possible, the verso360 wall solution is a great choice for you. As I have already mentioned, the wall installation will be extended later on with wall bars, a barbell rack, a rack for weight plates, and two bigger Top-Elements, the Top-Element L and Top-Element XL. We start off small but the end result will be big. It is important to note that the verso360 frame can adapt to every space. Maximum opportunities in small spaces!

Among all the tools…

The first verso360 frame is already up

Directly after installing the wall solution we started with the free-standing verso360 Box. There are still some parts missing that will be delivered next week, but we can already start with a simple Box. Therefore, we will not yet bolt this frame to the ground.

Step by step the pallets and boxes disappear and we can start putting the aeroSlings, barbells, and bumper plates into their final places. And just like we wishfully stared into the shop windows of the toy shops of our childhood, we now look at all this awesome equipment with a tingling sensation in our fingers, waiting to finally use all these functional training toys for adults. Unfortunately, it will still be a while…

…there is always space for a barbell

Between vaccum and percussion drill there is always room for a barbell

…which is why we had to train in a half-finished gym last thursday. Simply going crazy in this functional playground – awesome!

But this will be the topic of another that we will tell you about in the next Functional Fitness Frenzy.

Our momentary conclusion regarding our gym: good things come to those who wait!

Keep an eye out for the next Build your own gym coming next week!

Get functional,
your Fabien

Author: Fabien Mpouma

Fabien is bachelor of arts sportscience (DSHS) and since his studies he is working in the sector of health- and rehabilitation sports. He was course instructor for several institutions in the field of rehabilitation and mental and physical disease. He has a lot of experience in prevention with adults, youths, and children. He worked as regional manager for Outdoor Gym and now as a Personal Trainer and Foodcoach. Since 2014 he is Manager for Training & Education and Head Coach for aerobis. In 2016 he opened his own facility for Personal- and Grouptraining in his hometown Siegburg. Stay in contact with Fabien by sending him an email

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