Here are the winners of the FIBO tickets

The die is cast!

The winners of our competition have been decided! And wow, you guys were pretty busy sending in your creative answers in such a short amount of time. Thank you very much! Every year it starts in February and the questions start to pile on: do you have a few FIBO tickets for me, please? Unfortunately, our contingent is pretty limited – but we gladly hold back a few tickets for a competition so everybody has the same chances to experience the world-leading expo for fitness and health. And what could be fairer than an aerobis competition?

Announcement FIBO competition

So how were the two winners selected, then? I think the selection was completely fair: I collected all email addresses, eliminated double submissions, numbered them, and wrote the according numbers on white slips of paper. Our Head Coach Fabien then had the honors to pick two of the identically folded slips to determine our two winners. And the winners of the 2016 aerobis FIBO competition are:

  • Sascha
  • Sonja

Congratulations! You two will receive a personal email from me with your codes to the FIBO tickets. These codes must be redeemed at the FIBO homepage, and better as fast as possible. As I have already mentioned there is no guarantee these codes can be redeemed after all the one-day tickets for sunday are sold out.

To all participants that didn’t win: thank you for trying! We hope that you will still be able to get tickets and take on our revvll challenge or simply stop by our stand and enjoy the show!

Sportive greetings,

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  1. Oliver
    Oliver says:

    Gratulation an die Gewinner!!!

    @Aerobis: Eine gute Aktion! Vielleicht besuche ich euch dann im nächsten Jahr 😉

  2. Benjamin Fuhrmann
    Benjamin Fuhrmann says:

    Danke, Oliver! Wir werden die Aktion im nächsten Jahr auf jeden Fall wieder anpeilen. Vielleicht hast Du dann ein wenig mehr Glück!
    Sportliche Grüße,

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