New “aeroSling Certified Instructors” online

New aeroSling Certified Instructors online 1The last Certification-Seminar in 2010 ended last weekend in Munich was a great success.What we did not know was that this seminar would be a real test. The freight forwarders that were responsible for delivering all seminar material (incl. the BaseFrame) until Friday made a labeling mistake. That meant that all material was re-scheduled for delivery on following Monday. We did not get any notification either and it only became obvious when nothing was delivered on Friday evening. Uh? Noooo!So, Elmar had the dubios opportunity to travel from Cologne to Munich on Friday night and get all our material back that was in some warehouse in Munich. After getting everything at around 3:00 in the morning, transporting everything to the final destination and getting some “sleep” at -10 degress celcius the mission was accomplished!A warm welcome to all new aCI1-Trainers! We just updated our Trainer-Overview.'

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