And the winners of our #FitforFIBO competition are…

We have our own award ceremony!

Completely by chance the announcement of our #FitforFIBO competition take place only a few hours after the oscars. When it was ‘And the Oscar goes to…’ earlier, it is now ‘And the FIBO tickets go to…’. But first, we would like to thank all of you that have participated! There have been a huge amount of votes and you have even thought of quite a few new ones that we didn’t give in advance (see more on that later). Thus, we thank all of you! You are awesome!

And the tickets to the FIBO go to…

As I have already explained in the original post the winners of the FIBO tickets were determined randomly. I cranked up the old random number generator in our basement and it gave me the following winners:

  • Andre Mevissen – funcMove your ass
  • Claudia – Wake up. Kick ass. Repeat.

Congratulations to both of you! I will send you an email shortly and give you all the necessary info on how to proceed from here. We are looking forward to seeing you at the FIBO in your brand-new t-shirts 😉

The winning shirts

Here is a little taste of how the winning t-shirts might look like:

And the winners of our FitforFIBO competition are 1And the winners of our FitforFIBO competition are 2

Time for some statistics

Claudia’s slogan was one of the most frequently voted slogans along with ‘Your workout is my cheat day’. The slogan by Andre, however, is one of the many original slogans that we haven’t given before. Here’s the Top 5 of the most frequently voted for slogans:

Hammertime (2 votes)
better than yesterday (2 votes)
Train smart and get functional (2 votes)
Your body, your choice (2 votes)
Überalltrainierer (2 votes)
Pumpst Du noch oder trainierst Du schon? (3 votes)
Float like a butterfly, sling like a bee (4 votes)
Your workout is my cheat day (7 votes)
Wake up. Kick ass. Repeat. (7 votes)

As I have already hinted at in the original post: soon you will get a free t-shirt in our aerobis Shop if your order reaches a certain order value. For this free t-shirt you will be able to choose the slogan yourself, just like with this competition. We will give you all the necessary details about this soon. Simply keep your eyes open and stop by our shop now and then!

Sportive greetings,

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