Fabi’s Functional Fitness Frenzy – WOW part 7

Clash of titans. And Benni.

For the past workout we had the honour to have a guest with us. Crt, part coach and part photographer from Slovenia, has graced us with his presence. This meant for me, Benni, that I felt even less athletic than usual during the Functional Fitness Frenzy. I was caught between Elmar, who basically consists of 100% muscles and brain, and our slovenian photographer who is, truth be told, a (approximately) 7 foot 3 high beast with a bodyfat percentage of no more than 2%. No wonder we have booked him as a model in the past. You can see him in our shop: the dude with the blackPack in his hands is Crt. Both of these guys have had their personal training battle while I struggled to keep up.

Crt graces us with his presence at this week's Functional Fitness Frenzy

Caution, ladders!

As a guest Crt was totally looking forward to the german workout routine but he unfortunately fell victim to Elmar’s madness: ladders! This means that a single exercise is done for 7.5 minutes. The reps go up to 4 and afterwards go down to 1 again just to go up again. So it’s 1, 2, 3, 4, 3, 2, 1, 2, 3, 4, etc. We have trained with the same workout in Fabi’s Functional Fitness Frenzy no.3 before. So: if you takes you 5 seconds to do 3 reps you can rest for 5 seconds before doing 4 reps. Thus, obviously, you’ll need a stop watch for this one. You are definitely facing a high work-load in a great amount of time with only short breaks in between that won’t allow your pulse to calm down. Kind of like a birth. During births midwives are always happy when the breaks become shorter. So this has to be a good thing, right? The exercises of Elmar’s choice where: wide push ups, dips, hindu push ups, and overhead presses with a blackPack. Strictly pressing exercises (fitting the birth analogy).

Push, push, push!

The wide push ups were a nice start. By the third round it started to get interesting. Since my chest has a tendency to explode under high loads I was fully aware that it would look like the milk has just rushed in. But don’t worry, it was only lactate!

The following dips woke up my triceps nicely. Thankfully we were able to support ourselves with the feet touching the ground because we had no opportunity to all do hanging dips. Otherwise you could have chucked me right away. I especially fell in love with the hindu push ups. I have never done this exercise with this kind of intensity and with these rep numbers. Although you’ll be pretty exhausted due to the high work load you have to absolutely watch your form and make sure you don’t lose it! And finally we have to push something overhead to round it off. The blackPack is the perfect tool for that so we have used it to completely destroy us. Since the breaks are so short you can’t put the blackPack down in betwwen the sets. Which means constant stress. Yeehaaa!

A magical experience

While I had to go through hell and back Crt and Elmar probably had a nice little round of physical activity that wasn’t that demanding to them. What definitely didn’t help was the fact that Elmar and Crt had their little private contest. While I was doing rep 2 of 4 they were already finished and pressed the stop watch. This effectively reduced my break time to zero. Everytime I was just done with a set the next one started already. So if you are looking for a especially effective workout you should definitely contact both of those monsters. It was a magical experience! Or whatever it is called when you get completely destroyed…

Conclusion: birthing is pretty hard! But it’s worth it…

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