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Workout of the week part 9

We did it again: the aerobis elite gathered for antoher weekly Functional Fitness Frenzy.

Well, elite is a bit of a stretch because it came mostly down to Benni and me. Elmar incomprehensibly chose a vacation over a workout with his beloved co-workers. And Flo had a little boo-boo in his foot which rendered him only partly combat-ready. Thus, he had to modify most of the exercises which led to him doing practically only biceps curls.

Our equipment

What equipment did we use? Obviously we had our own bodies (73-85kg of pure and more or less freely-moving bodyweight), a blackPack PRO with sand, an aeroSling Elite Plus, and one of our beautiful Eleiko XF Bars with two 5kg technique discs (both still available in our ELEIKO special sale at an unbeatable price). This should be more than enough for a decent workout!

Our protocol

We chose a simple circuit training. 3 exercises, 2 x 30 sec. work and 15 sec. rest.

1st round

  • Thruster with a barbell
  • Butterfly with aeroSling
  • Triceps extension with blackPack

I personally love thrusters. In my opinion there are not many other full body exercises that are more effective and which let you choose the intensity so finely graduated. A perfect form is a must, though! Correct front squat with the whole sole on the ground and the weight on the heels, maximum hip flexion, knees point outwards in a controlled manner, fixate a natural lumbar lordosis (keep up the natural hollow back), and look straight ahead. In addition, make sure you don’t form a round back. When moving up try to transfer the momentum into the barbell and press it upwards above your head. And then start from the beginning. Flo has done a straight-forward overhead press because he didn’t want to irritate his foot boo-boo any further.

The next exercise is butterflies with the aeroSling. An equally effective exercise because you have to build up a great amount of body tension. You should lower your body only as far as you can hold it with your chest and shoulder muscles. You can place one foot in front of you as additional support. However, the leg should not take over any work other than just stabilization. Since Flo realized pretty quickly that his boo-boo didn’t allow him to do this exercise he decided to do biceps curls.

The last exercise of this round is a triceps exercise: overhead triceps press with a blackPack, also known as: hold the blackPack above your head, lead it back down behind your head, and press it back up again. Body tension is very important here! The elbows should be shoulder-wide apart and always right next to your head. Keep up your posture at all times and don’t lean back when you lower the blackPack. In the corner of my eye I think I can see Flo do biceps curls.

2nd round

  • another set of thrusters
  • Powerpress with aeroSling
  • Diamond push up burpees

Thruster: same procedure as last round.

It follows the powerpress with aeroSling. A great exercise that will have you push, pull, and rotate. And all of that in the maximum range of motion. Suspended pulley training makes it possible.

The last one is a classic: burpees. I see them, like thrusters, as one of the most effective full body exercises. We have intensified it with a version of the push up that focusses more on the triceps. To do this you have to place your hands closer together so that your thumbs and forefingers form a diamond shape. Very very nice! During this exercise Flo (keyword: foot boo-boo) has done another round of biceps curls, just for good measure and that great pump that Arnold Schwarzenegger has talked about in the movie classic Pumping Iron.

3rd round

  • classic biceps curls with a barbell
  • core rotation with aeroSling
  • rotational lunges with blackPack

I think I don’t have to explain the biceps curls, do I? Oh wait! There is one thing I would like to say. Many of you might argue that this exercise isn’t that functional. In my opinion it is. There are many situations in daily life where we have to carry a crate or a big object in front of our body. With straight arms this is often times not possible. Additionally, it isn’t that desirable anyways because in that position you tend to lean your upper body back und provoke an excessive lordosis in your spine. It is certainly better for your posture to hold the heavy object with bent arms to hold it in front of your belly. And there we have it: the biceps curl! Also, you very effectively train your shoulder girdle and the whole core which has to do a lot of stabilization work. And it is an exercise that even Flo does without grumbling and with a tiny smile on his face.

Now to the core rotation with the aeroSling. Core is key here. With the sling you can very effectively train your striated muscles (skeletal muscles) and lateral abdominal muscles. Just take a look at the video below if you don’t quite know how to do the exercise. Be sure to keep your arms straight all the time.

I have explained the rotational lunges in an older WOW already. One of my favorite exercises with the blackPack. Dynamic, versatile, effective. What more can you ask for?

Since I have already announced the video – here it comes:

Benni still wanted more because he is going on vacation in a few days and fears that he doesn’t have the best bikini body he could have (‘I have two weeks to get perfect pecs, a tremendous triceps, and a six pack. Can we do this?’). Thus, we decided to do a little push up ladder as a finisher. Flo, in the meantime, relaxed his biceps and shot a movie of us with his mobile.

Push up ladder

The procedure is pretty simple. We start with one rep and work our way up to ten reps. We decide how long we want to rest between reps and it should be long enough to get the higher rep amount done in one go and in perfect form. So no stopping in between, no cheating, no easier versions of the push up! It is important here to listen to your body. But do yourself a favor and don’t rest too long. Even though you might feel that the rest periods can’t be too long after you’re halfway into the ladder.. So the first half means working our way up the ladder: 1 rep, 2 reps, 3 reps, … 10 reps.

And then it goes down the ladder. Hello muscle soreness!

Just try it! and let me know how you liked it!

Your Fabien

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