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Workout of the week part 1

As I have mentioned in the previous blog, we now have the fully equipped aerobis showroom right next to our office including everything you need for a decent Functional Training. And as I have also mentioned, Fabien Mpouma has just recently joined our team. He is the Manager Sport & Education and also Coach for Outdoorgym, our partner in crime when it comes to Functional Training and fitness in general. If you put these two ingredients together there can only be one result: ‘Why don’t we start a training session after work?’

When Fabi asked me that many thoughts rushed through my mind. The first one surely was: ‘But it’s after work!’ But the second was: ‘Ok, you have the complete line up of aerobis equipment and a motivated coach just for you – you would be pretty stupid if you didn’t do it!” So after a short time of consideration, just a few hours, I finally agreed and we determined a date for our workout session. Had I known before that Fabis favorite line is ‘You can always train beyond the pain’, I might have decided differently…

Fabi however was highly motivated, as this pictures shows:

Fabi likes pull ups

The Workout that Fabi had designed for us really packed a punch and was more than worthy of his favorite line. It was an AMRAP-Training– as many repetitions as possible – and felt like one figures it would. I went into the session with a muscle soreness I still felt clearly (Fabis colleagues from Outdoorgym did a great job two days before. Is a slight leaning towards sadism a job requirement there?) but it didn’t take long for me to stop feeling anything at all. I didn’t feel the muscle soreness, I didn’t feel anything else. This must be how out-of-body experiences feel. Hard to believe when you consider that we only worked for 20 minutes but those 20 minutes came straight out of hell and wore me down completely. It was great! That great that we decided to make Fabis Functional Fitness Frenzy a regular event. From now on we will take full advantage of the aerobis showroom and work our a**es of every week. And you get the Workout of the Week (WOW) to try it yourself and maybe get some interesting exercises that you can implement into your own workout.

Now to the overview of the first WOW:

Set 1

Duration: 10 minutes. All three exercises are completed in the given order and then repeated again and again, until the time runs out.

Set 2

Duration: again the three exercises are repeated in the given order until the time of 10 minutes runs out and you start hating your life.

  • Rowing with the aeroSling ELITE: 15 repetitions
  • Butterfly with the aeroSling ELITE: 10 repetitions
  • Cleans with the blackPack with Loading-Bag AQUA (less weight) or SAND (more weight): 10 repetitions

Fabi's Push Ups with aeroSling Sling Trainer

The first set was certainly no piece of cake! Especially the combination of the pull ups followed by the push up & jackknife combo involved the whole upper body. The blackPack swings (in execution idenbtical to kettlebell swings) almost seemed like a welcomed breather. To weaken the intensity of the pull ups in the later round I could put my foot in the strength band in order to gain some assistance during the lift and lowering. I must say, during the later rounds the strength band really seemed like my only friend in the world. But we weren’t finished after that set, we just caught our breath, drank a sip of water, and then prepared the next set. During the second set I quickly turned towards the lighter blackPack with the Loading-Bag AQUA because the heavy version filled with sand demanded all of my power. Fortunately, I could secretly adjust the position towards the sling trainer during the rowing and butterfly portions of this set…

Fabi's Swings with blackPack

What makes this functional training workout so special is the very high intensity and the fact that almost the whole body is involved. This is a full body workout that achieves maximum activation in a short amount of time. It doesn’t get much more effective! This is just the thing you need for a post-work training.

This is company health and prevention measures aerobis style and Fabi is highly motivated to invent new methods to torture us every week. Isn’t it great having such coworkers? The muscle soreness that I felt the next day made every single movement incredibly hard. As if Mike Tyson punched every single fiber of my body as hard as he possibly could. I almost couldn’t make it to the office. But still, I really look forward to next week. Isn’t that what makes a workout so great? When you really feel that you gave all you had? Fabi certainly knows how to get me to give it all. I certainly also have a great amount of respect for the coming exercises and the muscle soreness inevitably following. Until then I look forward to your comments. Did you try this workout? Do you have any exercises that you would like us to implement next week? Let me know in the comment section!

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