Fit for FIBO 2015 - Gewinnspiel - Tickets zur FIBO

#FitforFIBO competition – win tickets to the FIBO 2015

2 tickets to the FIBO, anyone?

Every year, the world-leading trade show for fitness & sports, FIBO, takes place in Cologne, Germany. With over 100.000 visitors and more than 700 exhibitors the FIBO is a huge event. As a company from Cologne we are right in the middle of it. Not only because it is right around the corner for us but because we like to get direct feedback from you and our partners. We are already looking forward to presenting our products to a broad audience and we always have a great time during the four days. The incredible number of visitors is probably equally excited for the FIBO as we are but this inevitably leads to the fact that the open visitor days, saturday and sunday (April 11th and 12th), are sold-out very early each year. If you don’t get your tickets early you will probably end up left out. Unless you enter our #FitforFIBO competition because we are giving away 2×2 single-day tickets!

Meet us @ FIBO

FIBO tickets in the #FitforFIBO competition by aerobis

We are giving away 4 tickets to the FIBO 2015 in Cologne (2×2 for the winners). The two winners can take a friend to visit the FIBO on saturday or sunday. Even if the world-leading trade show for fitness & sports should be sold out (and it will be, trust me). The only requirement is that you redeem your coupon code on the FIBO homepage before March 9th. Beyond that date the trade show organizer cannot guarantee availability of remaining tickets to redeem the codes. So the winners should redeem their codes right away to avoid any problems. The codes are not your ticket, they are just the key to your tickets!


How can I enter?

I love funcMove - Logo

So you want to go to the FIBO for free? To make it a little more interesting we have come up with a way to simultaneously let you partake in a decision-finding process. Thus, we have an invaluable additional value from our #FitforFIBO competition and you have the opportunity to give us direct feedback. Let me explain: you may already know our habit of adding free t-shirts to certain orders in our aerobis Shop, e.g. the Winter Warrior shirts & hoodies. We will be doing a similar promotion in the future but with individualized shirts that we are printing ourselves. In this competition here you can now vote on the available slogans for these t-shirts. We are giving you a certain number of slogans but you can also send in your own. Please take into consideration that the slogans will only be monochrome. And as a special thank-you the winners will not only receive the two FIBO tickets but also their submitted slogans on a shirt. Thus, you don’t have to worry about what you will be wearing during your FIBO visit 😉 The winners of our #FitforFIBO competition will be selected randomly from all submitted slogans in the comment section below. It is self-explanatory that all submissions violating any laws or human decency will not be published and will not enter the competition.

Here are some of our slogan suggestions

You can pick your favorite or post your own. Simply use the comment section below to enter the competition.

  • Wake up. Kick Ass. Repeat.
  • Embrace the suck
  • Hammertime
  • force of nature
  • Pain is afraid of me because I like it too much
  • Enemy of the machines
  • one gear – GO!
  • the fall of the machines
  • always training
  • Functional Powerhouse
  • Float like a butterfly, sling like a bee
  • I wanted to visit aerobis at the FIBO and all I got was this lousy t-shirt
  • Do you even sling, bro?
  • Your workout is my cheat day
  • They see me trainin’, they hatin’
  • Get functional
  • Join the Movement!
  • Train smart and get functional

The competition will end of February 22nd, 2015. The winners will be announced on February 23th in our blog, together with the best submissions. We are already looking forward to your entries and wish all of you good luck!

Excluded from this competition are the staff or aerobis and their families. The winners will be selected randomly, the submitted slogan will have no influence on the winning chances. Participation through comment only. All submissions violating any laws, with racist and/or inhuman content, or with adult content are excluded. We reserve the right to filter such submissions before publishing. We also reserve the right to take legal steps against any illegal submission. But we are sure that this won’t be necessary because our fans and friends are awesome. The winners will receive a code to redeem on the FIBO homepage. Should the winners not redeem the codes before March 9th we will not be able to help you if the trade show is sold out. The availability of the tickets can only be guaranteed before this date. The codes can only be redeemed if there are tickets available.

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  1. Benjamin Fuhrmann
    Benjamin Fuhrmann says:

    Hallo Tina,

    Vielen Dank für Deinen Vorschlag, allerdings ist das Gewinnspiel letztes Jahr schon gelaufen 😉
    Wir überlegen uns, dieses Jahr wieder Karten zu verlosen, dazu aber erst in den nächsten Wochen mehr.

    Sportliche Grüße,


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