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The blog by aerobis is supported by a big number of fitness experts that come from different areas of the fitness business. While some might be kettlebell enthusiasts others are CrossFit coaches or work as coaches with professional athletes. What we have in common is the conviction that functional training is an effective and natural form of training that influences our training and those of our customers in a variety of ways.

Functional training is a complex topic

Since functional training is complex and has many facets we need the FuncMove fitness experts to shed light on this topic from as many angles as possible. But our experts not only write about functional training but training in general and everything that comes with it: sport during pregnancy, outdoor training and the positive effects on your organism, and the false prejudice that women better not train with weights in order to not jeopardize their womanliness.

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Our FuncMove fitness experts

In the following, we would like to introduce you to all our FuncMove fitness experts. Next to a picture and a short resume you can also see all posts they have contributed to the aerobis blog. Should you have any questions or remarks concerning an article please simply post it in the comment section of the according blog post. We will make sure the expert will get your comment and you will receive an answer quickly. And now we wish you a great time reading our FuncMove fitness experts blog!

Alexandra Biernat

FuncMove Expert Alexandra Biernat

About Alexandra:

Alexandra Biernat has a diploma in sports science (from the German Sports University Cologne) and is a doctoral candidate of her university. She works as a personal trainer, sports therapist, and instructor for in the most beautiful city at the Rhine. Click here to visit Alex’s site and here to follow her on Facebook.

Alexej Busiak

FuncMove Expert Alexej Busiak

About Alexej:

Alexej is a bachelor of arts in sports science (DSHS) and a personal trainer in Bremen. Since 2010, he is working in the health and fitness sector and is his own boss since 2012. Already in 1995, he began his sportive career as a fighter. Starting 2002, he competed in several championships and even won the German championship in Teakwondo. After his studies he began to work in several institutions for rehabilitation. In addition, he opened his own CrossFit Box in 2014. Click here to visit Alexej’s homepage and here to follow him on Facebook.

Andrea Szodruch

FuncMove Expert Andrea Szodruch

About Andrea:

Andrea is a personal Yoga & fitness coach from Munich. In 2001, she decided to study sports & health coach and fitness sales so she could make sport her profession. After that, she completed several advanced training seminars in fitness and Body & Mind. She has experience as a group fitness coach and has traveled the world as a personal trainer in several Robinson Clubs. Click here to visit Andrea’s homepage.

André Leisner

FuncMove Expert André Leisner

About André:

André has been a passionate athlete for more than 20 years now and turned his hobby into his profession. After a herniated disk, André had to deal with rehabilitation and fitness. It seems like this has left a mark because he decided to dedicate his life to sport. He sucessfully attended several workshops and advanced trainings and, now, works as a personal trainer to help his clients live a healthier active life. Click here to visit André’s homepage and here to follow him on Facebook.

Fabien Mpouma

FuncMove Expert Fabien Mpouma

About Fabien:

Fabien has a bachelor of arts degree in sports science (DSHS) and is working in the sector of health and rehabilitation sports since his graduation. He was course instructor for several institutions in the field of rehabilitation and mental and physical disease.
He has a lot of experience in prevention with adults, youths, and children. Starting in 2012, he turned his attention towards the fitness sector. He works as a personal trainer, regional manager for Outdoorgym, and as a food coach.
Since 2014 he is Manager for Training & Education and Head Coach for aerobis.
Stay in contact with Fabien on Facebook or read the aerobis Blog to read his regular blog posts.

Frank Forencich

FuncMove Expert Frank Forencich

About Frank:

Frank Forencich is an internationally-recognized leader in health education and performance training. He earned his B.A. at Stanford University in human biology and neuroscience and has over 30 years teaching experience in martial arts, performance and health education. He is the author of books like ‘Exuberant Animal’, ‘Change Your Body, Change the World’, and ‘Stresscraft: A Whole-Life Approach to Health and Performance’. In Spring 2013, his most recent book was released, ‘Beautiful Practice: An integrated approach to health, education and the human predicament’.
Frank is a columnist of Paleo Magazine and a frequent speaker at seminars and presentations. Click here to visit Frank’s homepage and here to follow him on Facebook.

Izzet Yüksel

FuncMove Expert Izzet Yüksel

About Izzet:

Izzet is a personal trainer in Dusseldorf in the north of Cologne. He is independent professionally since 2003 and works for Kettler and Reebok. Click here to visit Izzet’s homepage and here to follow him on Facebook.

Jens Pilkahn

FuncMove Expert Jens Pilkahn

About Jens:

Jens is a student of biotechnics and sports for a teaching degree. His interest in functional and sensomotoric training has its roots in the emergence of the sensoboards and stand up land paddling. This was further increased by the release of the aeroSling by aerobis so that he invented his own workout program. Now, he is working as a fitness and conditioning coach. Click here to visit Jens’ homepage and here to follow him on Facebook.

Jim Ferris

FuncMove Expert Jim Ferris

About Jim:

Jim Ferris is a Philadelphia based trainer whose clientele includes professional athletes, local teams, everyday fitness enthusiasts, and maybe a celebrity or two depending on who is in town. Jim is known for his work in the basketball community from training with the Philadelphia 76ers for many years and training several NBA players that live their offseason in the Philadelphia area. Jim’s expertise in the training field, along with his dynamic and creative training style keeps players, coaches, and clients coming back year after year. Click here to visit James’ homepage and here to follow him on Facebook.

Marius Seifert

FuncMove Expert Marius Seifert

About Marius:

Marius is the founder and director of CrossOver – Functional & Athletic Training in Munich. After his career as a coach at Eisenhauer Training in Hannover (2000 – 2001) and at the Fitnesspark Munich GmbH (2001-2003), he became director of the Fitnesspark Munich GmbH in 2006. In addition, he gathered experience in directing the Fitness Park Westkreuz in Munich. In 2013 he founded his own enterprise. Click here to visit Marius’ homepage and here to follow him on Facebook.

Markus Bremen

FuncMove Expert Markus Bremen

About Markus:

Markus Bremen is freelance personal trainer (MB Personal Performance Training (individual customer care, small group training, lecturer for sport-specific seminars)), sports science consultant/expert (e.g. for ThyssenKrupp, Deutsche Luft- und Raumfahrt (DLR, German Aeronautics), Volkswagen AG (VW), Currenta, Holmes Place, Men’s Health), athletic trainer (e.g. for the Deutsche Voltigiernationalmannschaft (German vaulting national team), T.U.S. 82 Opladen, Cologne Baseball School), Men’s Health Coach, founder and athletic director of NatureFitnessCircuit Cologne (NFC), healer (application of manual-therapeutic procedures as freelance healer in the practice „SportMedico“), lecturer for functional training (DSHS Köln (further university education, German sport university)), and has his own gym, the Move-Better Institute in Cologne. Click here to visit Markus’ homepage and here to follow him on Facebook.

Olivia Walus

FuncMove Expert Olivia Walus

Olivia’s posts

About Olivia:

Olivia is a state-recognized physical therapist and personal trainer in Cologne. In addition, she is a recognized sports therapist of the DOSB and coach at the Move-Better Institute by Markus Bremen. After successfully completing advanced trainings and workshops, she became a personal trainer in the TV production of RTL2 ‘Extrem Schwer’ (‘Obese – A year to save my life’) and helped one of the protagonists to turn their life around. Click here to visit Olivia’s homepage and here to follow her on Facebook.

Ralf Gier

FuncMove Expert Ralf Gier

About Ralf:

Ralf has a teaching degree in sports from the DSHS in Cologne. Because of his work for a distributor of fitness equipment he discovered the fitness market. That’s why he never actually worked as a teacher and became marketing director of the World of Wellness GmbH. During his activity for the WOW he earned several degrees as sports and fitness salesman. In 2007, he founded the AC Fitness company. Sport has always been a huge part of his life and when he stopped doing regular club sports in 2009 he discovered functional training. Click here to visit Ralf’s homepage and here to follow him on Facebook.

Sebastian Müller

FuncMove Expert Sebastian Müller

About Sebastian:

Sebastian Müller is a certified teacher for rehabilitation and fitness trainer. He is the founder of Kettlebell Weimar and Kettlebell Fitness Athletics in his base area of Thueringen in Germany. For more than 13 years now, he is an active fitness enthusiast but it was only recently that he revolutionized his training and decided to teach the functional training philosophy. Since 2014 he is CEO of KRABA-Erfurt where he teaches several classes in kettlebell training and calisthenics. Click here to visit Sebastian’s homepage and here to follow him on Facebook.

Stefanie Brehmen

FuncMove Expert Stefanie Brehmen

About Stefanie:

Steffi Brehmen is a certified personal trainer in Cologne. Originally, she is from a nice town called Aachen. She studied in Trier where she collected a lot of experience in several institutions. In her new home town she is the co-founder of the funcFIT training and treatment concept. A long list of educations and trainings complete her profile. Click here to visit Steffi’s homepage and here to follow her on Facebook.

Tom Schwendener

FuncMove Expert Tom Schwendener

About Tom:

Tom Schwedener is a full-time sports teacher. Since his interest in health-conscious kinetics and fitness training has steadily increased and he doesn’t feel that the common training models are optimal he has designed his own concept under the label SFT Swiss Functional Training®. Click here to visit Tom’s homepage and here to follow him on Facebook.

Wiktor Baranowski

FuncMove Expert Wiktor Baranowski

About Wiktor:

Wiktor Baranowski has a license in fitness training, a diploma in sport science, and is currently working on his Master of Science degree (DSHS, German Sports University Cologne). He works as a personal trainer, sports therapist, and instructor and is founder and director of funcFit training. He lives in the most beautiful city at the Rhine. Click here to visit Wiktor’s homepage and here to follow him on Facebook.