Autumnally aeroSling workout in the woods

After all those rainy days we had recently, I felt it high time to get back on track with a 10 km jog and, of course, enjoying a short training session with the aeroSling. In direct vicinity of the Adenauer Weiher (a small lake in the Stadtwald, our municipal forest) I found a nice spot under an old beech tree where I was able to mount the aeroSling. Although my model is one of the first put on the market, it is still in perfect functioning order as you can see in the photos! The “Batman” photo is living proof that even my “old” aeroSling is as robust as ever to trust it with your entire body weight 🙂

Autumnally aeroSling workout in the woods 1

The initial 5 km stretch from Cologne center out to our Stadtwald went really easy on my legs. So I was highly motivated to add another, although minor aeroSling workout session. The main exercises I practiced were those we call chest press, rowing, squats, pistols and chin-ups.

Autumnally aeroSling workout in the woods 2

Autumnally aeroSling workout in the woods 3

Of course i had to show of a little after my workout session, even if it was a small one 🙂

Autumnally aeroSling workout in the woods 4

After having packed up my duds and gear I happily jogged the 5 km back into town. It was a great run, in a bright autum sun … So, if the weather is right put on your running shoes, the aeroSling into your b(l)ackpack – and off with you into the woods!

Be good to yourselves! Until next time,

Author: Lutz

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