Tutorial Thursday #41 – opposites

Better pull then push

The typical push & pull might be well known to most of you. If not I will start with a short explanation: Push & pull refers to a workout in which pushing and pulling exercises are included in equal numbers. Thus, you train the agonist (pushing) and antagonist (pulling) musculature at the same time. Such a workout is often realized as a super set training. That means there is no significant pause between sets of antagonistic exercises. For example, from bench presses you go straight to aeroSling rows.The pillars of functional trainingSuper sets are great for muscle growth and can be implemented into any training. The underlying principle: total exhaustion of the working musculature. Two factors play into this: combining the exercises and keeping the pauses between exercises as short as possible. You can combine exercises that target the same muscles, the antagonist muscles, or muscles that don’t have a direct relation to each other.

An example:

1st set:15 Diamond Push Upsno pause15 Dips
2nd set:12 Diamond Push Upsno pause12 Dips
3rd set:9 Diamond Push Upsno pause9 Dips
This principle leads to total exhaustion of the muscle, which in turn creates impulses above threshold. The organism needs those in order to start making adjustments in the form of muscle growth.Tutorial Thursday 41  opposites 1But now to the actual topic of this post: opposites. As mentioned in the beginning, most of you probably know the push & pull principle. But did you know that this principle is not limited to upper body exercises, but can be applied to the rest of the body as well? Today’s focus lies on the hip region. The hip movement to be precise. So hip flexion and hip extension to bend and stretch the whole body. Especially the hip muscles suffer from our modern life style that consists mostly of sitting. Thus, a challenging workout for your hips is the perfect measure to counter this problem.

Try the following workout

“Hip”-ster Complex

  • Toes-to-Bar (15 Reps)
  • Deadlift (15 Reps, 60% BW)
  • Barbell Roll-Out (5 Reps)
  • Front Squats (5 Reps, 60% BW)
Do this for 2 rounds with no breaks in between the individual exercises and sets.Finish with 20 burpees. They combine all the movements in one exercise and will raise your heart rate nicely. You can find a detailed workout description in the following video.
This workout will put your hip to the test. As I have already mentioned, we are sitting too much nowadays. Spending a whole training session on this region is surely no waste of time. Additionally, other exercises and workouts will profit from this because the hips are involved in many other movements, from muscle ups (to gather momentum) to kettlebell swings. So you better become a ‘hip’-ster now!Remember, get functional, Your Fabi

Author: Fabien Mpouma

Fabien is bachelor of arts sportscience (DSHS) and since his studies he is working in the sector of health- and rehabilitation sports. He was course instructor for several institutions in the field of rehabilitation and mental and physical disease. He has a lot of experience in prevention with adults, youths, and children. He worked as regional manager for Outdoor Gym and now as a Personal Trainer and Foodcoach. Since 2014 he is Manager for Training & Education and Head Coach for aerobis. In 2016 he opened his own facility for Personal- and Grouptraining in his hometown Siegburg. Stay in contact with Fabien by sending him an email

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    Habt Ihr auf der Fibo besondere Angebote für eure Elite Slingtrainer?

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    Hallo Harald,

    Ja, auf der FIBO wird es wieder Angebote geben. Für die ELITEs, aber auch für andere Produkte. Schau doch einfach mal vorbei, Halle 9, Stand B10.

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