Tutorial Thursday 54 – The revvll Commando is here!

What do an internationally acclaimed fitness coach from Senegal and our Head Coach Fabien have in common? No, not the pigmentation! They both love the revvll PRO and keep coming up with new exercises with the rope trainer.

Fitness coach and Zumba instructor Oumar Chevara Camara even likes the equipment so much that he travelled all the way from Belgium to our office last month to visit our FuncMove GYM and to pick up his brand-new revvll PRO. We wanted to take this opportunity to shoot a little exercise tutorial with Oumar for you to show you his favorite exercise.

And because he is such a cool dude we didn’t have to ask him twice.

But see for yourself:

How about you? Have you tried the revvll PRO yet or even figured out a new exercise that you would like to share with us? Join the Functional Movement!

If you want to find out more about Oumar click over to his Facebook page and leave a message. He is a really nice guy and is happy about every single Facebook friend! And Oumar, thank you for your cooperation! It was a pleasure having you as our guest and shooting the video with you. If (or rather when) you come up with another revvll exercise, please let us know 😉

Your aerobis Team

Author: Fabien Mpouma

Fabien is bachelor of arts sportscience (DSHS) and since his studies he is working in the sector of health- and rehabilitation sports. He was course instructor for several institutions in the field of rehabilitation and mental and physical disease. He has a lot of experience in prevention with adults, youths, and children. He worked as regional manager for Outdoor Gym and now as a Personal Trainer and Foodcoach. Since 2014 he is Manager for Training & Education and Head Coach for aerobis. In 2016 he opened his own facility for Personal- and Grouptraining in his hometown Siegburg. Stay in contact with Fabien by sending him an email

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