Tutorial Thursday #16 – sport in old age

Sport in old age? We say: absolutely!

The body is very adaptable, even in old age. Regular workouts can help the organism maintain its performance and even improve it.

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The average life expectancy in Germany is constantly and drastically increasing since the middle of the past century. The demographic change is a big topic of discussion between scientists and politicians alike.

What most people don’t seem to realize as they grow older: what you use will remain intact. What you don’t use will degenerate. Thus, sport is definitely an important part of growing older!

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Picture source: Mayr, K., Benzer, W., Sport im Alter, In: Kompendium der Sportmedizin (2004)

The natural degenerative muscle wasting can be slowed down or possibly even stopped. Joints will remain flexible and the range of movement can be retained – a basic prerequisite for an active and mobile life. The cardiovascular system stays active and in a healthier state, reducing the risk of diseases.

And sport will impact your bones. In a good way! Bone cells need, aside from natural nutrients, pull and push movements to regulate composition and decomposition processes and structure themselves.

Additionally, activity stimulates the cognitive performance – especially when it comes to outdoor activities.

So why not go for a walk? This will probably easily fulfill the bare minimum of movement for one day. If you feel like it you can also go on a hike, go for a moderate run or do reasonable strength training (e.g. with a sling trainer). No matter what you do, it is important to stay active!

Sportive greetings,

Your Fabien

Source: Lüschen, G., Abu-Omar, K., v.d. Knesebeck, O., Sport und körperliche Aktivität im Alter: sozialstruktureller Kontext und die Beziehung zur Gesundheit, In: Soz.- und Präventivmed. 46 (2001) 41-48

Author: Fabien Mpouma

Fabien is bachelor of arts sportscience (DSHS) and since his studies he is working in the sector of health- and rehabilitation sports. He was course instructor for several institutions in the field of rehabilitation and mental and physical disease. He has a lot of experience in prevention with adults, youths, and children. He worked as regional manager for Outdoor Gym and now as a Personal Trainer and Foodcoach. Since 2014 he is Manager for Training & Education and Head Coach for aerobis. In 2016 he opened his own facility for Personal- and Grouptraining in his hometown Siegburg. Stay in contact with Fabien by sending him an email

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