Introducing: alphaband resistance bands

By show of hands: who of you has at least one powerband and uses it more or less regularly in your workouts, e.g. as support for pull-ups? I am sure that if I was standing in front of all of you I would now be looking at a sea of hands just like Katy Perry during her last world tour. But resistance bands can do so much more. With our brand new alphabands we have just released a product that looks like a powerband but which uses the potential of this form of training far better.

alphaband Resistance Training

Smaller is stronger

If you are looking for something to make your training easier then you better head elsewhere. Even though the blue, translucent alphabands are significantly smaller than common powerbands they are significantly stronger. In comparable resistances the contact area is smaller, thus, the alphabands won’t give you that comfortable support for pull-ups but that is not what we designed them to do anyways. If you are looking for a challenging resistance training, though, the alphabands are certainly right up your alley.

We have consciously refrained from making an extralight resistance and instead upped the ante on the end of the spectrum: the band with the resistance ARGH creates 50 kg of resistance (at 100% stretching) and will certainly educe exactly that sound in your first training sessions.

Versatile strength training to go

The clever alphaband add-ons will expand your training tremendously – almost anywhere. The Anchor Anywhere add-on makes it possible. This add-on contains the well-known anchor sling of our aeroSling suspension trainers including a door anchor. Thus, you can use every door, lamp post, tree or training frame to anchor your alphabands. A must-have for alphaband training!

Another essential is either the Double Grip Handle or the 2x Grip Handle. The former is an extra-long handle that can be held with both hands at the same time. Perfect for (anti-)rotational exercises. The later includes two GRP handles that you might know from our aeroSling XPE. These handles are almost indestructible, easy to clean, and offer significantly more exercise variations and greater training comfort.

Last but definitely not least, there is the Flex Handle that will give you no excuses to ever skip leg day again. The padded foot strap is the perfect fit for small and big feet alike and offers a great range of leg training movements where you need to fixate your feet or leg to the resistance band.

Only with the add-ons will the alphabands unlock their full potential and offer you a versatile and effective full body training with a progressively increasing resistance. You can also use more than one alphaband together to adjust the resistance to your individual demands. Thus, you can train strength, explosiveness, and stability and slowly work your way towards that ARGH resistance.

All alphaband add-ons

alphaband add-on Anchor Anywherealphaband add-on Double Handlealphaband add-on 2x Grip Handlealphaband add-on Flex Handle
Anchor AnywhereDouble Handle2x Grip HandleFlex Handle

The Anchor Anywhere add-on is an essential add-on and allows you to mount the alphabands to trees, doors, radiators or any other holding structure.

The essential Double Handle makes two-handed training easier and very comfortable. Perfect for rotational exercises, triceps presses, or narrow rowing. Get even more options with a combination with the Anchor Anywhere add-on.

The 2x Grip Handle Set is suited for partner training as well as training alone, e.g. when deadlifting. In combination with the Anchor Anywhere add-on you will get the ultimate portable training set.

The Flex Handle add-on gives you the most comfortable leg training. The Flex Handle fits both small and large feet and has a padded contact area.

1x Anchor Sling
1x GRP Handle (door anchor)
1x carabiner blue

1x Double Handle
1x Grip Sling
1x carabiner blue

2x GRP Handle
2x Grip Sling
1x carabiner blue

1x Flex Handle S foot strap
1x carabiner blue

29,90 €39,90 €39,90 €19,90 €

High quality made in Germany

As mentioned before, the alphabands are smaller and thus more space-saving than powerbands. They are also anti-bacterial and non-allergic. This is good news for gym owners and allergy sufferes alike because powerbands are not only harder to clean, they can also cause allergic reactions because they are made of latex.

alphaband Gruppentraininggroup training outdoor

Now available

Starting now, the alphabands are available in five different resistances and as Set BASIC. Take a look at the different versions in our shop and find more information about the individual resistances. I am convinced that the alphabands will give new impulses to your training.

I wish you lots of fun in your training!
Benjamin of the aerobis Team