The new blackPack ESY L is here!

The brand-new blackPack ESY L is here!

It doesn’t get better than this!

The blackPack ESY sandbag is one of our favorite products. If you follow our weekly Functional Fitness Frenzies then you know that the blackPack is part of it almost every week. We just can’t do without a sandbag! Almost indestructible, very variable, and quickly adjusted to the individual training situations – the blackPack ESY is just fun. However, this doesn’t mean that there’s no room for improvements. Our practical experiences and the feedback from our customers has shown us some details that we wanted to improve. Now it is finally done: the blackPack ESY L is here! In the following I will describe the changes. I’m already looking forward to your feedback!

The brand-new blackPack ESY L sandbag is here!

Definitely not ESY to break

Apart from the bright blue side parts the blackPack ESY L almost seems identical to the old blackPack ESY. But that’s not true! The old blackPack was made of very sturdy polyester but the new blackPack ESY L is made from strong cordura. That makes it even more robust. The clever wide opening that is operated with a heavy velcro strip and a strong zipper stays untouched of course because we feel that this is already the best possible solution to load the blackPack with a sand or water Loading-Bag. Changing your training weight from sand to water even during your workout can be done quickly and easily.

front view of blackPack ESY L sandbag

Less handles = more comfort

Wait a minute, less handles? How’s that better? Well, that´s pretty simple actually. With the old blackPack you had the same handles on both sides of the sandbag. Realistically, you only use the handles on one side. The only thing that the handles on the other side did was being in the way during exercises where you hold the blackPack close to your body (e.g. cleans). Thus, the blackPack ESY L is the perfect example that, indeed, sometimes less is more. In this special case it is more comfort. As stated before: the handle variations stay the same, they are just only found on one side. You can still create new training impulses by simply changing your grip. And speaking of the handles: an independent test has proven that our handles are completely safe. Talking in technical jargon, our handles fulfill the REACH substance specifications of category 2. Or talking in layman’s terms: we take our responsibilities and our quality standards very seriously and can back that up.

blackPack ESY L sandbag back view

New look with clever details

The old blackPack ESY was kept very simple stylewise. To make sure the blackPack look as good as you do working out we have decided to design the side parts in a fresh aerobis blue. This makes the blackPack ESY L a real eye-catcher. And since you are looking at the side parts anyways you now have your training load in sight all the time. The transparent plastic card holder on one of the side parts can be equipped with the included number cards. Thus, you can always see what your recent training load was. And gyms will love this feature.

blackPack ESY L sandbag side view

available – NOW!

If you are convinced as we are that the changes are a big improvement to an already great product and you ask yourself when it will be available then you clearly haven’t read the subheading above. The blackPack ESY L is available right now! It can already be ordered in our Functional Movement Shop and it comes in the same versions as did the old blackPack ESY: the standard issue incl. 3 Loading-Bags SAND, with one Loading-Bag AQUA as the Set AQUA, and both Loading-Bag versions together as the Set TOP. Oh, and in case you were wondering: the L in blackPack ESY L stands for the size. Coming november there will also be a blackPack ESY M and a blackPack ESY S. But this is still classified and should stay between us… 😉

2015 comes a little early with our product line 2015!

Sportive greetings,


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