Challenge your grip strength

I repeat it time after time – get variation into your daily training regimen!

One great way to specifically target your grip strength is to train with oversized grip handles. In fact, even our standard handles are just a few millimeters bigger than the commonly agreed standard to give you little bit of extra grip strength training when training with aeroSling! Because of the solid core of our grip handles (aeroSling ELITE and aeroSling XPE) you are able to simply slip-on grip strength trainers. Enter FAT GRIPZ training:

Sling Training with Fat Gripz handles

You really will have to try this in order to fully grasp how much it will change the intensity of your training. While it might not be your everyday Sling Fitness Training you should definitely try it out. Your hands and lower arms will have to work so much more to keep a strong grip on the aeroSling. I can virtually guarantee that you will struggle even to complete your standard training with FAT GRIPZ applied to your aeroSling. It is a great way to address a weakness that most people suffer these days – a lack in grip strength.

Suspension Training with Fat Gripz

Improving your grip strength will affect you no matter if f you would like to get better in combat sports, climbing or simply carry shopping bags – so it is definitely point  to address in your training.

Important: When training with FAT GRIPZ make sure to put the opening of the FAT GRIPZ to the inside of your hand (between thumb and fingers). That will make sure that the FAT GRIPZ won´t slip of the handle if you are unable to keep pressure on the grip.

Fat Gripz are available at aerobis

While we do not sell FAT GRIPZ in our webshop we can easily supply them to you at 34 EUR (28,50 EUR excl. tax) if you are an existing customer. Drop us a line at if you like to own a pair.'

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