Obese: A Year to Save My Life (RTL2) – competition powered by Outdoor Gym & aerobis

Maybe you will tune in today when Personal Trainer Felix Klemme in his weightloss-docu “Extrem schwer – Mein Weg in ein neues Leben” on RTL2 will help his clients to not only lose weight but also sustainably and long-term change their life. It wouldn’t be that unlikely because with significantly more than 1 million viewers the show is pretty successful. In contrast to other formats, this show doesn’t expose its participants to ridicule but rather shows a surprising amount of compassion for a show that runs on the same channel that airs “Frauentausch” as well. This is partly due to the contestants who are really willing to tackle the hard physical challenges and ultimately change their lives. It is also due to personal trainer Felix Klemme’s extremely charismatic persona and his high degree of emotional investment and compassion for his clients. This is what you want in a personal trainer.

Felix Klemme is not only a coach in “Extrem schwer”, he is also the founder of Outdoor Gym which fascinates with its unique natural concept. Workouts are only held outdoors. The equipment often consists of nature itself, but also of equipment by aerobis. If you transfer Outdoor Gym’s philosophy of natural movements into the reality of a workout you get functional training. Therefore, the partnership of Outdoor Gym and aerobis just makes sense.

We too love and live natural functional training. We are convinced that functional training is not only significantly more effective but is way more fun as well. The equipment that Outdoor Gym and Felix Klemme in “Extrem schwer” on RTL2 (Also known as “Obese: A Year to Save My Life on RTL2”) use are our aeroSling sling trainers, Battle Ropes by Blackthorn Equipment, and sand and aqua bags by blackPack. More infos and a possibility to purchase the products can be found in our own shop:

There is something to win!

Since we are very proud that the contestants in “Extrem schwer” use our equipment under the guidance of our good friend Felix Klemme to steer their lives into a new direction, we are giving away free stuff! Win a functional shirt with Outdoor Gym & aerobis logo to start your own training. We have the shirt in the sizes M (2x) and XL (2x). To get a chance at winning just comment on this post and tell us if you have experience with functional training, whether you prefer to train indoors or outdoors, and which exercise is your favorite. And please don’t forget to check the box next to “post to Facebook”.

Here are the fotos of the front and back side of the shirt. I have to say it looks pretty good and feels awesome

Extrem schwer - competition - frontside of shirt
Extrem schwer - competition - backside of shirt

We wish everyone who participates good luck, the competition ends on Dec. 6th. The winners will be chosen on St. Nicholas’ Day and notified via email. As always, employees of Outdoor Gym and aerobis cannot participate, sorry guys!


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