Extension of the Functional Movement Shop

A lot has changed in our shop and with the inventory of products and we don’t want to keep these news to ourselves. So here are all the news in compact form.

Extension of the Functional Movement Shop

DEAL products in the FuncMove-ShopIf you have recently visited our Functional Movement Shop you might have already noticed: we have extended our range of products. For this we have hand-picked products from our trade partners that complement our aerobis products perfectly and guarantee optimal training due to their quality. We value high quality standards because we are convinced that they offer better long-term results and make sure that training is always fun.

Another new element in our Functional Movement Shop is the blue DEAL marker that you can find in the upper right corner of the respective product pictures. What is a FuncMove-DEAL? This is an easy, non-binding inquiry. For example, if you want to order a great number of products the DEAL inquiry is just what you need. For every product in our shop you can post an inquiry, but there are also products that are only available as a DEAL. These DEAL-only products have the blue DEAL marker. You can post inquiries very easily with your normal order, we will prepare a separate offer for your DEAL inquiry. You best just go ahead and try it yourself

Short news

  • Customers demand, we build – the blackPack Carry-Strap. Transform every blackPack to a carry bag with two clicks.
  • All aeroSling Sets have been improved (BASIC, PRO, APE). The Set with aeroSling ELITE and Rowstick is no longer available.
  • Rowstick and Rowstick X2 are now part of the Blackthorn brand because they work really well with resistance bands by Stroops and don’t necessarily require an aeroSling Sling Trainer.
  • aeroSling ELITE and XPE get a new and improved, low-noise pulley as of now!
  • More power for aerobis – Fabien Mpouma will join aerobis as the Head of Education & Training on January 1st, 2014. We are extremely excited!

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