Count on it – revvll PRO with Rep Counter

Are you ready for a new challenge?

If you are a regular reader of our blog, you will have stumbled upon FIBO and read about our famous revvll Challenge. The FIBO visitors can put their fitness to the test and power themselves out in just one minute. The response is always extremely good and the visitors, even though they are very exhausted after one minute of revvll Challenge, always leave our booth with a smile in their face because it is such a fun way to test your performance. Is one revvll Challenge per year enough, though? From now on, you can have your own revvll Challenge every day and in every workout: the revvll PRO with integrated Rep Counter makes it possible!

revvll PRO 2016 Rep Counter rope

Shop Special

To celebrate the introduction of the Rep Counter we are giving away a second carabiner for free for every end customer that orders a revvll PRO in our aerobis shop . The second carabiner gives you a steadier mounting during explosive movements. Just add the revvll PRO to your cart and the second carabiner is added automatically. Step up to the challenge!

Counting was never easier

We have already changed the production process: the revvll PRO comes with the 10 cm long and aerobis-blue rope section by default. The clearly visible blue rope section makes it very easy to count the rope cycles, independent of your own position towards the device and the individual exercise. Thus, you have a whole range of new challenges at your disposal that will test you and your training partners. Races, in which you have to reach a certain number of ropes cycles as fast as possible, are one way to challenge yourself. Another test could be completing as many rope cycles as possible in a given time. This way, you can better measure your training and make progressions visible. You can also use the competitive rivalry between trainees in a group training to push every individual to their respective limits. We like to use revvll Challenges ourselves, especially as a finisher at the end of a workout. The adjustable resistance lets every trainee choose the perfect setting for their challenge.

Looks easier than it is

‘Ok, so one part of the rope is blue, so what?’ If this was your first thought when looking at the picture above then rest assured: what looks so simple is everything but simple. In a sophisticated process, the blue section is integrated into the full rope made of PU. And even though this process raises the production cost, the revvll PRO naturally keeps its price. The Rep Counter is such an important part to the revvll PRO, making the rope training better measurable and more versatile, that it is now part of the standard features for every revvll PRO. The improvement just looks simpler than it is. Exactly like training with the revvll PRO looks easier than it actually is. The faces of the revvll Challenge at FIBO are proof of that:

Try these fitness challenges:

Challenges are a prominent part of the fitness world in social networks like Facebook or Instagram. People simply love to measure their fitness and compare it to others. CrossFit shows that making fitness measurable was one of the key aspects for its world-wide success. Without measurable values the global competitions wouldn’t have been possible. With the Rep Counter the revvll PRO makes an important step in its ongoing development, and so does your training. To get the challenges going we will give you four exercises and you can post your results in the comment section below. The time limit is one minute, you count the rope cycles you can complete in that time frame with the given resistance setting. Let’s go!

Four revvll PRO rope trainer exercises for your next challenge'

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