The Camp VI - aerobis review

Review of The CAMP VI

Where were you last weekend? We were in Rösrath and participated in The Camp VI. The organizers Patrick Meinart and Patricia Janßen invited us again and we were more than happy to be there. Here’s our review of the event.

The Camp – over 40 workshops in two days

The Camp stands for an innovative weekend of workshops that focus on the topics functional training, athletic training, strongman, olympic lifting, and bodybuilding. The participants can choose from over 40 different one-hour-workshops and seminars of several renowned speakers and coaches. For example Wolfgang Unsöld (YPSI Stuttgart), Andreas & Alexander Pürzel (intelligent Strength Vienna), and Elli Hachmann (CrossFit Athlete from Hamburg) found their way to the placid Rösrath near Cologne, to name just a few.

aerobis @ The Camp VI - Battle Rope Training 01

And, of course, aerobis was also on site and added its own four workshops to the event./p>

blackPack Sandbag workshop

On saturday morning the participants could experience the advantages of sandbag training with the blackPack. Head Coach Fabien instructed the interested fitness enthusiasts and coaches, showed them the basic handling of the blackPacks and did a few basic exercises with them.

aerobis @ The Camp VI - blackPack Sandbag Training 01

The sandbag can either be used as a normal weight like a barbell or as a swinging weight much like a kettlebell. The various handles, the instable filling, and the constantly varying form offer endless training possibilities. At the end of the workshop there was also the obligatory workout session. ‘You have to experience the new input under workout conditions to really understand it’, said Fabien.

aerobis @ The Camp VI - blackPack Sandbag Training 02

Battle Rope workshop

After the lunch break, the big gym hall was flooded with aerobis products and know-how. The much-loved Battle Rope workshop was next and the participants were numerous. ‘The Battle Rope is a chronically underestimated piece of equipment’, Fabien explains. ‘In every workshop there are these aha moments!’. This time was no different. The ropes – that were mounted to the Blackthorn Rope Arena for group training – were not only swung in waves. Why not use the own weight of the rope for an exercise? You could see from the reactions of the participants how hard the training can be.

aerobis @ The Camp VI - Battle Rope Training 02

Until next time – at the FIBO!

We are already looking forward to the next The Camp which will take place as part of the FIBO!

Wow… Respect!

If the world leading expo for fitness, bodybuilding, and wellness wants to do a cooperation with you then you definitely did something very right. This fact speaks for the quality of the events that Patrick and Patricia put together every time. And aerobis is happy to be a part of it!

Sportive greetings,
Your aerobis Team


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