aerobis rocks The CAMP IV

Review: The CAMP IV

aerobis rocks The CAMP IV!

Does the world really need another convention? Well, we at aerobis say YES! Especially if that convention is The CAMP.

From August, 30th to September, 1st The CAMP took place for the fourth time in Rösrath. The hosts Patricia Janssen and Patrick Meinart have given their best to summon only the best of the instructors and speakers from the fields training theory, mobility, weightlifting, CrossFit, calisthenics, athletic training, barefoot training, sling training, fitness in general, and functional training. In combination with this concentrated knowledge the participants were also highly motivated, full of energy, and eager for knowledge like children at their first day of school.

aerobis rocks The CAMP IV

The CAMP is two days of over 50 seminars, workshops, and training lessons. The participants could choose between four events every hour and got deep insights into the respective field of sports and training. In addition, there was a shopping area where you could buy equipment, clothes, and other stuff at a special price.

For the second time we have also contributed with two workshops.

blackPack Workshop at The CAMP IV

Our workshops: Battle Rope Training and blackPack training

In these 60-minute workshops our head coach Fabien has presented the philosophy behind our effective training equipment and has provided a lot of input and know-how. The Battle Rope, in our estimation, is chronically underrated in the world of training. So Fabien made it his goal to start with basic exercises for the beginners and those unaccustomed to Battle Ropes, and then to show advanced exercises that challenged even professionals. Did you know that you can use Battle Ropes not only as a swinging load? Why not use the own weight of the rope in exercises like shoulder press or similar?

The blackPack workshop was also well received. Training with weight bags or sand bags of any kind is often considered functional training. Especially the versions that were filled with water offered a lot more instability and, thus, a lot of surprised faces. At the end of each workshop Fabien applied the theory in a workout. The feedback was consistently positive and was supported by the smiles on the exhausted but happy faces.

Battle Rope Workshop at The CAMP IV

Great atmosphere with great people

‘I particularly liked the atmosphere. What we have here is a professional event that is steadily growing but still has retained its familial air. Especially the conversations during the lunch break, during and in-between the workshops are invaluable.’, says Head Coach Fabien.

You can get in contact with personal trainers, box owners, professional athletes, and other entrepreneurs from the fitness industry. The majority of the attendees, however, consists of recreational athletes like you and me. And that is the great thing about this convention because in the end everybody defines fitness differently and individually. The mixture of the attendees is well-balanced, everyone is friendly, and each participant can take something away from this convention.

See you next time!

‘I am going home feeling enriched by the conversations with the participants and the other speakers and instructors. I think that the fitness industry in Germany can profit from these kinds of conventions in the long term. The community is growing and constantly developing thanks to the constant exchange.’

The feedback has been great and we are really happy to be able to participate in this unique event. We hope we can present our training philosophy to you in the next The CAMP V!

Sportliche Grüße,


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