Recap and Preview

FIBO and product availability

Oooook! The successful FIBO trade show is behind us but we still running on 110%. The high demand before and after the show created a small bottleneck in supply – aeroSling®-products were temporarily sold out everywhere. I am happy to report that this is now sorted and in the last 3 days we´ve been able to process all outstanding orders.

Even better – we have advanced the transition to the new carabiner build-up and all new aeroSling® ELITE will already have the new, improved carabiner. The new carabiner is made from finest aluminum and is as sturdy as the old one but featuring a so called wire-gate opening. This makes it easier to use under all circumstances and it is generally easier to handle. Security was also improved because it is now easier to spot if the carabiner is fully closed.

Moving the office

Just so that we don´t get bored, we are moving our office at the same time… ok, we also need more space. We take all numbers and e-mail addresses with us ;-)). Only the stationary address changes to:

Dieselstr. 13
50859 Cologne

Confusing article in magazine “Brigitte”

A reader send us some mobile-photos on an article about Sling Training in the current issue of “Brigitte” – thanks for that! The problem is that although aeroSling has been mentioned they did not print our web-address (unlike the one of our competition). This is a little unfortunate and might confuse the reader.


At aeroSling® we have one speed – GO! Today or tomorrow we will give you the new certification dates for “aeroSling Certified Instructor” -finally ! The new Sling Trainer BASICS DVD incl. training plans is also finished and available from next week. This DVD contains all the important 101 of training with aeroSling®-Sling Trainers. Professionally and comprehensible taught by Rouven, Thomas and Susanne.

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