Kick-off for cooperation


We are happy to announce our new partner from Munich, Germany. The Sportlerei Academy managed by Tina and Florian Münch is a competent and experienced education specialist.
For the first time the funcMove Gym at aerobis hosted the Football Athletic Coach A-Licence workshop during last June’s weekend. Sportlerei instructors, students, and Fabien Mpouma, our aerobis headcoach made this the prelude of a series of common events.



Sportlerei instructor Tom Geitner was working on the speed module together with his students with a high portion of practical work, which turned out to be a sweaty experience due to the summer temperatures. Tom and the students, that had arrived from all over Germany were all satisfied with the first event in Cologne. Fabian Mpouma: “We are glad to have a partner like Sportlerei Academy, providing an excellent education in the field of functional, athletic, and fitness training.” “

You are interested in more information on the education of Sportlerei Academy? On Sportlerei-Akademie you can find the full range and you can order your education booklet at home (only in German language).



Further information and offers about the Sportlerei Academy and aerobis workshops will follow soon.

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