der revvll ONE bei artzt auf der MEDICA

Test the revvll ONE at MEDICA 2013

The MEDICA 2013 takes place in Düsseldorf these days, the world’s biggest expo of the medical industry. From November 20th until November 23rd speeches will be given, experiences will be shared, and, most important, new technology and products will be presented. Our distributor, ARTZT is on site presenting their portfolio. In addition to the ARTZT vitality aeroSling and the ARTZT vitality acupressure mat they also show a brand new, absolutely unique product coming from aerobis: the revvll ONE.

Maybe you have already heard of the innovative rope training, checked out our product introduction here or even pre-ordered it in our Functional Movement Shop. At the MEDICA, however, you have now the unique opportunity to test the revvll ONE yourself! And this is something that we can really recommend because you have never experienced something quite like the revvll ONE.

That we are not promising more than we can deliver can be seen especially on site because the revvll ONE finds overwhelming approval. Everybody wants to try the revvll ONE to see what it has to offer. The feedback we get at the MEDICA is very similar to the feedback we got from the lucky ones that have already received their pre-ordered revvll ONE. They are really excited!

test the revvll ONE at ARTZT's stand at MEDICA

After we have recently started shipping the first load of revvll ONEs we can honestly say that the happy receivers are really excited about the innovative training. The revvll ONE is a unique, brand-new innovation and there is no similar product that even comes close. At MEDICA on ARTZT’s stand you now have the great opportunity to experience first-hand how rope resistance with the revvll ONE feels. The demand that has come up after revealing the revvll ONE has really been overwhelming. Should you still be unsure about how the revvll ONE can revolutionize your training you should check it out at the MEDICA right now! You can find the stand of ARTZT in Hall 04 / G37.

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