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The aerobis Showroom

A Functional Training Paradise

the aerobis showroom

Imagine you walk into a room and everything you see is Functional Training equipment as far as your eyes can see. A pure playground of physical training grows in front of you and you don’t even know what to try first. Do you go straight to the sling trainers? If so, which one do you try? You can find every sling trainer that aerobis has ever built. Or do you brachiate along the verso360 Hybrid to the back of the room where the blackPacks are presented? Just give it a try, one blackPack is filled with sand and one is filled with water. You have always wanted to feel how a water-filled blackPack behaves during motions. Incredible how different that feels! Have you actually tried the Blackthorn Rowstick? Even the Rowstick X2? Combined with a resistance band there is a whole new dimension of training waiting for you. Or the Battle Rope. Wrap it around one of the stands of the verso360 Hybrid and just give everything! It is just a matter of time when the revvll PRO will arrive and then you will never want to leave this room again…

the sling trainers by aerobis

What we have done here is make a dream a reality: a room fully equipped with Functional Training equipment! The aerobis showroom has every and any product that we offer for you to discover and get to know. Often times we had a little problem when customers could not quite grasp how different the UltraPulley behaves compared to the standard pulley of our sling trainers. Or how different the GRP Handles feels in comparison to the Alu Handles. All of these things that you just don’t have when shopping online. But now we can give you the opportunity to experience all of our products in the aerobis headquarters in Cologne and be provided with competent advice concerning Functional Training.

all Functional Training accessories by aerobis

In our showroom you will find all the Functional Training equipment that you’ll need. You have the opportunity to test (almost) all of our products and purchase them right away. Additionally, you will be treated with a competent consultation by our Manager Training & Education, Fabien Mpouma, or, if he isn’t busy creating another innovation, the aerobis mastermind himself, Elmar Schumacher. But every other employee can tell you everything about our products. So if you live in Cologne or in the surrounding area and want to feel our products in your hands before buying them the you should definitely come by! We are looking forward to every Functional Training fan that shares our enthusiasm.

Our Functional Sofa

If you want to get an overview of all of our products then head on over to our Functional Movement Shop. Almost all the things you see there you will also find in our showroom. Only with Battle Ropes it could be that we don’t have every length and diameter in stock.

You can find our showroom here:

What do you think about our showroom? What piece of equipment would you try first? Let us know in the comment section below!

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