The aeroSling is more than your usual Sling Trainer

A good day to you and a wonderful fourth Advent Sunday! I’d like to use this day for a short introduction. I am Paul, Master Trainer and avid user of the unique aeroSling system ;).

In the future I will post regular articles, videos as well as tipps & tricks on aerobis products – always here in the aerobis Blog ). Don’t miss a blog update and simply click on “Like” aerobis and we keep you updated on all our content.

To give a little preview of what I am up to with the aeroSling for example, I’ll give you a little video for the 4th advent. It’s in german but we are working on giving you native language or at least subtitles on our german blubbering ;-). The video is about using an aeroSling in conjunction with an a second aeroSling pulley to do hanging leg raises. Watch out!!!

What exercises do you do in the cold time of the year? Do you still take it outside now and then??? Use our comment box below to let us get a glimpse on your winter training ideas with the aeroSling.

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