pullsh Athletikkonferenz in Bonn

Our review of the Athletikkonferenz 2014

aerobis at the world premiere:
Review of the 1st Athletikkonferenz in Bonn

Athletikkonferenz in Bonn, powered by pullsh

On Sep. 6th we made our red carpet appearance at the Athletikkonferenz in Bonn that was created by our friends a pullsh in cooperation with Eisenklinik. The goal of this event was to create and further the transfer between athletic coaches and scientists, in other words to combine the daily work in the field with the research and the science behind it.

pullsh Athletikkonferenz 2014 - aerobis 01

Did this transfer work?

You could almost smell the expertise. There was a constant stream of speakers from universities, professional sports, and other facilities. Starting at 9 in the morning there were hourly lectures and speeches on the following topics:

pullsh Athletikkonferenz 2014 - aerobis 02

  • tasks and requirements for an athletic coach in professional football (soccer)
  • systematic ball and game-situational coordination training
  • game-specific bounce diagnostic
  • Crossfit in athletic training
  • Training and testing of the direction change ability in football (soccer)
  • Designing strength training for top-level basketball
  • Coaching elasticity in long-term performance building in game sports

The superior topic was the job as an athletic coach. Thus, most of the participants fell under this category. But there were also coaches and athletes in general that could benefit from this event as well.

Turning the newly-learned theory into practice

Alongside the many lectures there were also a number of workshops on the following topics:

  • Togu
  • Strength training with the Keiser cable row
  • Sportsvision training
  • Kinesiologic taping in game sports
  • Smartspeed measuring method
  • From joint function to performance explosion
  • Developing linear maximum speed

pullsh Athletikkonferenz 2014 - aerobis 03

..and of course an aerobis workshop with the topic ‘Functional Movement Circlea concept to improve general athleticism’.

The workshops hosts and we, however, have quickly realized that the main focus that day was on theory since the workshops couldn’t produce the same number of participants as the lectures. So the practice part was certainly not as big as the theory part. But with these calibers of speakers – who could blame the participants? Anyways, this was mainly the intention of this event, as I have already mentioned. It was all about connecting the practical society with the science society. And in regards to this goal we can doubtlessly see the first ever Athletikkonferenz as a complete success. We would be more than happy to see this event establish itself and become a regular part of our schedule. The demand is already there as 140 satisfied participants demonstrated.

So see you next time!


P.S.: Shortly after writing this blog post we have received the following good news from pur friends at pullsh: “With this first event we have made an important step towards the professionalization of the athletic coach as a field of work. The feedback from the speakers, attendees, and sponsors has been so positive that the Athletikkonferenz will come back bigger in 2015.” We congratulate pullsh and Eisenklinik to this success and are happy to know that everyone feels as positive about the Athletikkonferenz as we do!

The photos have kindly been provided by pullsh. If you want to see more impressions from the Athletikkonferenz 2014 you can see them on the Facebook page of pullsh.

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