Bodyweight Training

Bodyweight training (i.e., exercising with the weight of your own body) signifies a training method where the trainee’s body is exclusively used as the training resistance. Nevertheless, the advanced bodyweight trainee will often apply small training devices and additional weights  in order to complicate the basic exercises. This is where aeroSling® and blackPack® come in as ideal training devices.

Einfache Übungen mit dem eigenen Körpergewicht

Some of the great advantages of bodyweight training are the relatively small time invested, the high training functionality and power effectiveness, the low costs or low number of required training devices, and the easy-learning aspect. The individual exercises always train multiple muscle groups or muscle chains, thereby making the individual exercise a significantly compacted unit. Thus, bodyweight training is much more efficient than weight training at the gym where, usually, only individual muscle groups can be exercised. In addition, this training with your own body weight furthers muscle coordination and body awareness. Even the beginner will quickly learn and easily perform the basic exercises. Furthermore, risk of injuries is slight because the exercises are usually performed while on the ground and, therefore,  overstressing is hardly possible.

Common Exercises Using Own Body Weight

The best-known exercises in bodyweight training are push-ups, sit-ups, knee bends, any of the various body plank exercises, and pull-ups. In general, any of these exercises can be simplified or made more complicated by using additional equipment. The execution of a pull-up can be simplified by a super band where the trainee puts his or her knee into the sling of the super band. To complicate the pull-up, the trainee can use additional weights. In the case of push-ups, the intensity of the exercise is defined by the position of the feet and knees. Thus, putting the knees down on the ground greatly simplifies this exercise.

Bodyweight Training with aeroSling®

Practically all bodyweight exercises can be performed using the aeroSling® sling trainer. On account of the pulley as well as of the increased instability, the effective gravitational and the pendulum forces, the exercises become particularly demanding. The high instability, in particular, leads to a strongly increased training effect because a significantly higher body tension and a higher concentration is required of the trainee in order to properly perform the various exercises. In this way, it is not the muscle coordination alone that is trained but also the mobility, the power and power endurance.

Diese Übung heißt Body Plank front.
aeroSling Body Plank front – During this plank exercise, the feet are suspended in the grip slings of the aeroSling ELITE. The trainee must build-up a strong body tension in order to not let his/her feet or hips drop to the floor. Especially the core muscles are trained.


Diese Übung nennt sich Body Plank side.
aeroSling Body Plank side – In the this version of the body plank the full body needs to be tight in order to not let feet or hips drop to the floor. Most of all the core is engaged – especially the lateral abdominal muscles. Also the balance is trained.


Bodyweight Training with blackPack®

The blackPack® systems are particularly advantageous when performing pulling, pressing and swinging exercises. Thus, the knee bend of the “shoulder squat” exercise shown below with the blackPack® ESY is greatly intensified by the instability introduced by the content of the blackPack® (sand or water). A good body tension and secure foothold are called for in order to properly stabilize the blackPack® during these exercises. Exercises performed with the blackPack® does not train power and power endurance but also muscle coordination and mobility.

Diese Übung heißt Squats Shoulder mit dem blackPack ESY
blackPack Shoulder Squats – This is the start position of the exercise. The blackPack ESY (filled with water here) is positioned on back/shoulders and fixated by holding it with your hands. Make sure to have solid stance and to pre-tighten your whole body. It is important to keep your back straight and not to form a hollow or round back.


Bodyweight Training 1
blackPack Shoulder Squats – This photo shows the end position. Go into a half squat position where knees are bent approx. 90 degrees. It is important not to loose your balance or stance. The back is kept straight and your knees should not be level or even over your toes. The blackPack ESY is used to increase coordination and strength efforts of a normal squat.