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aerobis Certified Instructor

Elevate yourself to a new professional level! Become an aerobis Certified Instructor and learn how to impart the knowledge about Functional Movement vividly and substantiatedly.

This certification seminar is designed for all gym coaches and personal trainers, instructors, and functional training enthusiasts that would like to teach and train functional training on a professional basis. Ideally you have previous knowledge in the area of functional training or at least a sound foundation in the area of sport & fitness. In this seminar our Master-Trainers will show you,

  • what the basic principles of Functional Training are and how to apply them
  • how to install and use aerobis products effectively
  • which basic techniques are the basic foundation of functional training
  • how to train even more focussed with aerobis accessories
  • what advanced exercise techniques make functional training with aerobis equipment even more effective

This seminar is the prerequisite for certified usage of aerobis products in fitness personal and group training sessions and is valid for two years.

Join the Functional Movement in a seminar to become Certified aeroSling Instructor, Certified blackPack Instructor or Certified Battle Rope Instructor!

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