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Rent a gym

As manufacturer of functional training equipment we have a great amount of know-how when it comes to training, and not only in relation to our own brands aeroSling, blackPack, verso360, revvll, and Blackthorn Equipment. We have equipped many gyms with more than our own products. Thus, our showroom in Cologne is not only a presentation platform for our own brands but a fully equipped gym that puts our motto first: We are the Functional Movement. We have made our personal dream come true and built the perfect gym for functional training. The result is called FuncMove GYM. But we can only train so many hours in a week. So what do you do when you have a fully-equipped functional training gym and not enough people to use it? Simple, we let you rent it!

An open gym for coaches, teams & movement experts

You are a personal trainer and currently looking for a place to train your clients individually in a professional environment? The FuncMove GYM offers a whole range of training options that can be tailored to your clients needs and demands perfectly. You not only have the full aerobis product range at your disposal but also barbells, dumbbells, med balls, kettlebells, and even climbing ropes. See a more detailed list of all the equipment below. You are free to combine all the hardware to the workout that you need. Weightlifting, bodyweight training, athletic training, cross training – whatever you want to do, the FuncMove GYM is up to it!

Kleingruppen-Training im FuncMove GYM von aerobis

From one-to-one training to group seminars

The FuncMove GYM is more than just a training room, we call it a meta-gym. If you just want to use it for one hour with a single client or for a full day workshop – everything is possible. The equipment includes more than the weights and hardware. The sound system can be easily controlled via the installed tablet which also works as a timer with a respective app. Preinstalled streaming services let you choose the music to your workouts freely. The big sofa is great for after-workout chats. The separated bathrooms and changing rooms with showers are of course a given. The FuncMove GYM is a complete gym that you can rent on demand.

Interested? Give us a call!

If you are interested in training in the FuncMove GYM simply contact us. Give us a call (+49(0)2234/9895290) or send us an email to We are looking forward to your call!

Das Equipment im FuncMove GYM

  • sling trainers in all variations (aeroSling XPE, ELITE, ELITE Plus, Blackthorn Sling Trainer, Easy Trainer)
  • blackPack sandbags (blackPack ESY S, M & L, blackPack PRO, filled with sand or water, different weights)
  • Blackthorn Equipment:
    • Blackthorn Elastic Trainer Set (Elastic Tubing and Rowstick (X2))
    • Blackthorn Battle Rope (different lengths & diameters)
    • Blackthorn Power Vest 10 kg & 30 kg
  • several revvll PROs
  • kettlebells: pairs of 8, 12, 16, 20, 24, 28, 32 kg
  • dumbbells: pairs of 5 to 40 kg
  • barbells:
    • XF Bars Men version with 20 kg
    • XF Bars Women version with 15 kg
    • technique bars
  • weight plates: several Bumper Plates in 2,5 kg to 25 kg
  • med balls:
    • Softballs (3 kg to 12 kg)
    • Slam Balls (5 kg to 23 kg)
  • plyoboxes
  • 20 m running track
  • coordination ladders
  • two climbing ropes
  • verso360 Wall 4T incl. Wall-Bars and Dip-Station
  • verso360 Hybrid consisting of:
    • verso360 Box 1T
    • verso360 Frame 3T
    • incl. Dip-Station
  • 2x verso360 W-Adjust XL
  • 2x aeroSling T-Mount
  • sound system (incl. streaming apps)
  • chalkboard
  • two mobile mirrors
  • markings for wall balls
  • big sofa
  • separated changing rooms incl. showers
  • separated WCs

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