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You know the feeling: you want to start your training session, power yourself out completely, get your head clear, and just concentrate on the workout that lies ahead.

But before the training there comes planning your training. What are your training goals? How much time do you have? What prerequisites are given? Who does support you?

These questions also apply to planning a functional training gyms. Every training facility, whether it’s 20 or 200 sqm big, should have a reasonable concept, be tailored to the target audience, and optimized for sustainable fun and success of the training. Thus, the right plan is a necessary base for the (re-)design of your fitness center, gym or home gym.

aerobis helps you with planning your gym

Optimal use of space thanks to smart planning

aerobis helps you find the best solution for your purposes. Our verso360 training frames offer you individual configuration options thanks to the modular design.

You want to equip a home gym and all you have is a 2 m wide wall? In the verso360 Wall 1T you will find the perfect solution. Squats, bench presses, pull-ups, sling training, rope training, and many more exercises can be done in limited space. In addition, you won’t lose much space because there are only two pillars that secure a stable position of the frame.

Our free-standing verso360 frames will make you very flexible. These frames don’t need to be bolted to the floor and can be moved long after installing them. They can also be used outside. The installation process is very manageable. Due to their clever buildup the frames can be transported easily.

If weightlifting plays a major role in your training you should consider implementing a verso360 Box because it can be used as a squatting rack and a bench press at the same time. The T-Adjusts can be adjusted in height simply dependent on which exercise you want to do. The verso360 Box can be used as a free-standing frame as well as a wall-mounted solution.

aerobis helps you plan your outdoor gym

Flexible structures for variable training

Depending on customer structure and capacity, there are different training philosophies that you can implement. Do you want to focus on group training and use an already existing course room? Our T-Mount ceiling anchors can turn a regular group training rooming into a room for sling training – without losing any space. Circuit training, in which smaller groups complete different exercises with different equipment – or simply bodyweight exercises – in certain timed intervals is often a great option.

Due to the great product range of aerobis we can offer you a portfolio of versatile training equipment that guarantees long-lasting and sustainable training impulses for you and your customers.

Here are some examples

Here’s a brief look at some of the existing examples that we have realized for our customers. You can find a even more in our blog in the category customer projects. Get inspired and contact us when you are ready to build your dream gym with us!