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Easy weight loss – the aerobis Professional Nutrition eBook

aerobis Trainer Paul Kliks wrote the ebook on weight loss

Common standards like “thin“, “muscular“ or “six pack abs“ are not precise enough. What is the benefit of a six pack if it was build due to overexploitation of the body? Learn all about weight control and healthy weight loss in our compact ebook.

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Conny Training with aeroSling ELITEPreamble: Time. The most valuable good.

Time – who has got enough time nowadays? Probably nobody. Everything has become very fast in our modern world. “Time is money…“, that´s what they say. So it is no wonder that people more and more in disregard of a balanced diet. It is often considered to be time-consuming and difficult.

That´s why modern nutrition has to be fitted into this “new world“. The result should be an optimally functioning and powerful body. We will show you a path to reach this aim.

This nutrition adjustment should be simple, quick and effective to be able to gain a long-term success. I can anticipate one thing – the more you internalize the step by step instructions the faster your appearance will change to the positive. But this change will only be a secondary effect – we are not focused on weight loss only.

Also your inner values will change. And that is in my opinion the most important thing! „Inner values?“ I can see you reading this sentence and smirking… and that is a good thing. In my opinion we should deal with the subject nutrition with a little more fun, don´t you think?

Speaking of your inner values, I mean several parameters as for example your blood lipid levels or the insulin sensitivity. Maybe the consequences of non-optimal inner values aren´t even noticeable for you.

Sometimes we don’t feel that something in your body isn´t quite right. Until the doctor says: “Your blood sugar levels are much too high!“  So our aim is also to sensitize yourself for the inner workings of your body…