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Outdoor Training – A Boost to Your Health

Many avid hobby athletes are discovering the great outdoors. Next to tried and true running, more and more people are taking outdoor training to the next level by incorporating functional strength training. Most exercises use bodyweight, but the addition of small pieces of equipment makes the workout a total body exercise. An ideal companion for outdoor training is the aerobis Sling Trainer.

Pros and Cons of Outdoor Training

You need only a little space for outdoor training. Nature offers most everything you need for a successful training routine. The aerobis Sling Trainer easily fits into a hip pack and is therefore an ideal companion for your outdoor training. You can attach it to a tree branch or any stable object above your head such as a play structure with monkey bars. Taking your aerobis Sling Trainer along on your run helps you to turn a mainly lower body workout into a total body workout. The aerobis Sling trainer adds rowing with one or two arms for the upper back and core. Another exercise is the push-up crunch for abs and core. The one-legged squat strength trains your thighs. The combination of endurance training through running and strength training impacts your cardio-vascular system much more than one alone and therefore leads to a higher level of fitness.

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The biggest drawback to outdoor training versus training with stationary equipment is that the freeform of the outdoor training can be daunting to beginners. Of course, this very fact is also one of the major benefits of outdoor training. Because outdoor training doesn’t consist of pre-fabricated motion ranges, it doesn’t impair your creativity, it is instead as versatile as you make it. You set the amount of resistance you want to train with according to your ability and goals.

In comparison to machine training, where exercises follow a set pattern and can only be executed in a predetermined direction, freeform training is a three-dimensional workout. Therefore, instead of giving up on an exercise because it becomes too hard, freeform training allows you to stay in the game. Freeform training can be as simple as holding your whole body flexed in a diagonal position using an aerobis Sling Trainer. This still provides you with a strength training effect and keeps you core engaged.

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The OutdoorGym Team performing an aeroSling workout.

Positive Symbiosis of Human and Nature

In contrast to a fitness studio visit, outdoor training exposes you to fresh air the whole time. This means you’re not only strengthening your muscles, but actually stimulating your immune system. Exposure to sunlight leads to creation of vitamin D in your skin. Vitamin D is an important part of total body health. Bone strength, ability to fend off infections, improved mood, and many other health benefits are directly attributed to vitamin D. The UV rays of the sun create about 90 percent of our vitamin D requirement, which is why outdoor training is such an ideal scenario for total health. For this reason alone, you should spend as much time as possible outdoors. Outdoor training is one of the cheapest, yet most effective methods to stay in great health.

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This is how beautiful outdoor training with an aeroSling can be.

By Jens Kopke