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revvll PRO rope trainer FAQ handling instructions

Everything you need to know about the revvll rope trainer

The revvll is a proprietary development by aerobis. There is no similar training tool on the market so there might arise some initial questions about the revvll when encountering it for the first time. In our revvll FAQ, we want to address the most common and important questions that customers have about it. Thus, you have a central place to clear all potential questions that our product description in our aerobis Shop cannot answer for you. This can make a purchase decision easier for you or solve a problem that you couldn’t solve on your own.

Should you have a question that is not answered in the FAQ you can always contact us directly. You can either use the LiveChat on this homepage (Mondays through Fridays, from 9 am to 5 pm MET) or send us an email to Or you use our contact form. We will answer you as fast as possible.

Of course, we keep the revvll FAQ constantly updated. Should there be a question that is currently not in here but possibly interesting for more customers we will directly add it.

What is the revvll?

The revvll is a so-called rope trainer. It allows for a training with a 4 m (13 ft) long training rope that can be moved under six different resistances. The revvll offers pushing and pulling movements as well as rotational exercises against a constant resistance. Additionally, thanks to the included anchor sling the revvll can be mounted in different heights which opens up even more different movements.

How does the revvll differ from its competition?

As of right now, the revvll PRO doesn’t really have direct competition, it is unique. It was developed as a space-saving, mobile, versatile, and reasonable alternative to common rope climbing machines which is why this comparison can be drawn. Rope climbing machines simulate climbing up a rope with an endless rope. The machines, however, are stationary and often only allow for one or to movement directions. Additonally, these machines are very expensive and, thus, only for big gyms an attractive addition to their machine park. The revvll was designed to address all these disadvantages. With its 4 m long endless rope it weighs less than 6 kg (13 lb), thus it is easy to transport and can be mounted in different heights. Depending on mounting height and the position of the trainee towards the revvll, there are different possible exercises with pushing, pulling, and rotating movements. And finally, the revvll PRO costs only a fraction of the aforementioned rope climbing machines which makes it an attractive option for personal trainers and small gyms to expand their range of training possibilities with an innovative and unique piece of equipment.

How much space do I need to train with the revvll

The necessary training space for revvll training is relatively small. The revvll itself needs only little space, the rope and the trainee take up most of the training space. Deciding factors for the necessary training space are the mounting height of the revvll and the direction in which you want to train. The most training space is needed when the revvll is mounted a hip height and the trainee pulls the rope towards their mid region. This rope training setup would take up about 2.5 m of space. To the sides you should have 2 m overall to make every rotational exercise possible. In between these margins, all exercises can be done without any limitations. If the revvll is mounted higher or lower than hip height, or the body center of the trainee, then the necessary training space becomes even smaller.

Distance to other training equipment: please note that the revvll needs sufficient distance to other training equipment like suspension trainers or powerbands. Otherwise, these could be pulled into the casing of the revvll and damage it and get damaged themselves.

revvll training space requirements schema

Where do I preferably mount the revvll?

The revvll can be mounted in different ways of which we would like to explain the three most common options.

Thanks to the included anchor sling and the anchor carabiner, the revvll PRO can be hung from almost any structure. All kinds of training rigs, cages, training frames are suitable as well as trees, monkey bars or other outdoor solutions. The anchor point must be able to withstand a tensile load of at least 300 kg (660 lb). Make sure the revvll has enough distance from the holding structure so the casing does not collide with it at any time during the training. If you mount the revvll near the ground, make sure to protect the revvll with, e.g., a mat to protect it from hard impacts.

The revvll Adjust is an adjustable railing system that is mounted directly to the wall. It allows for a fast and easy height adjustment of the revvll. Over a height of 195 cm (77 in), the revvll can be adjusted in steps of 5 cm (2 in).

For customers that already have a verso360 training frame or want to expand their training space with a multi-functional training station, we can offer the verso360 T-Adjust XL which can be attached to every T-Stand (the vertical pillars of verso360 frames). Since the T-Adjust XL is designed as a versatile base for different training methods and equipment, for the revvll the revvll Base Mount is needed as well as the anchor point for the revvll.

Should you have any questions about what the best mounting solution would be for you and your training space, we will gladly help you. Simply send us an email to or give us a call :(+49)(0)2234/9895290. We will be happy to help!

What height requirements do I have to consider when mounting the revvll?

The mounting of the revvll can vary in height. Both a mounting near the ground and a mounting in head height offer many exercise variations. Different heights will make different exercises possible. Make sure, however, that the resistance wheel on top of the revvll is in reach for each of the trainees at any time so they can adjust the intensity of the training to their individual fitness levels.

How strong is the resistance of the revvll in the different resistance settings?

The resistance of the revvll PRO is determined by two factors:

  1. The setting of the resistance with the resistance wheel
  2. The traction speed (in m/s, or rope cycles in Rounds per Minute, RPM. A full rope cycle equals 4 m)

The determined traction powers at 1 m/s range from 135 watt on level 1 up to 500 watt on level 6:

  • Level 1: 135 watt
  • Level 2: 160 watt
  • Level 3: 190 watt
  • Level 4: 280 watt
  • Level 5: 390 watt
  • Level 6: 500 watt

Please note: the given watt values are approximated values. The true traction powers can differ slightly.

What do I have to consider when using the revvll?

For a material-friendly handling we recommend a constant and steady pushing and pulling behaviour with moderate acceleration and decelaration of the rope. Sudden and explosive rope movements lead to a significantly increased friction between the revvll core and the rope. We further recommend using the rope in a way that it doesn’t drag over the floor. This would also increase wearout.

Static charge & grounding

There can be several reasons for a static charge of the installation. One reason could be that friction from the carpet separates charges and the motion of the rope transports it to the revvll body. A static charge with the same potential of trainee, rope, and machine is also possible. When an uncharged person touches the rope, the charge can flow.

A possible solution: it should be checked whether grounding the revvll Adjust will suffice – if so, a simple cable from the revvll Adjust to a radiator or contact to the protective ground conductor of an outlet with an ESD protection may be the solution. If that doesn’t suffice, connecting the grounding cable to the revvll base itself might help.

These are general guidelines without commitment and must be verified with a specialist on site.

Find more information here.

How can I clean the revvll?

The following video shows you how to apply silicone spray and clean the rope to keep your revvll clean and ready to work out. You can also download these instructions here.


Furthermore, you can remove the side covers and the inner mid cover and use compressed air to clean the inner parts.

What is the warranty for the revvll?

We grant a 24 month warranty for all metal parts and a six month warranty for the rope, the rope wheel, and the guide wheel (wearing parts). We offer pre-assembled service parts with which you can replace every component of the revvll PRO without having to change the whole device. There is no special equipment needed for this.

How can I change the rope?

Within Germany you can send us your revvll PRO for service. We will change the rope for the price of the rope (99 €) and send you the serviced revvll PRO back free of charge within Germany.
International: please contact the merchant or distribution partner in your country (see here). They will help you with your service case.