Sandbag Training

  sandbag training by aerobis

Sandbags are highly flexible pieces of training equipment. Sandbag training does not replace training with barbells, dumbbells, or kettlebells. Training with a sandbag expands on other forms of strength and endurance training.  Sandbags offer many advantages in comparison to other equipment. They are light, robust, flexible, take different fillings (water or sand), and can be individually adjusted. Sandbag training leads to strengthening and stabilization of the core through a combination of swinging, lifting, and pulling exercises.

Training with the Sandbag and Training Goals

Several training goals can be achieved with sandbag training. Among those are building strength, increased stamina, speed, core stability, mobility, and explosive movements. To work towards those goals, sandbag training offers hundreds of possible exercises and variations. Typical exercises with sandbags can be easily customized by changing the stance, grip, position of the arms, or by adding complex moves. An example for a complex exercise are squats with an immediate snatch including a rotation to the side. Because the loading bags inside of the sandbag can move freely, you train with an instable resistance or weight. This challenges the core and muscles all over the body to work in a coordinated way to achieve stability. At the same time, this strengthens several muscle groups.

Both sandbag systems by aerobis, the blackPack® Pro and the blackPack® ESY can be filled with water or sand.

blackPack PRO product shot

A huge advantage of the blackPack® Pro is that the outer shell can be compressed, which reduces the ability of the loading bag to move around inside. This makes it easier for a beginner to get started with sandbag training. Another benefit of the compression is that it makes exercises such as the shoulder press easier. This is due to the fact that the blackPack® Pro is easier to hold and squeeze. The blackPack® Pro also features a smooth and very strong underside, which facilitates pulling exercises on the ground or a triceps press. You can find out more about the blackPack PRO, its features, and the available sets on the product page.

blackPack ESY product shot

The blackPack® ESY is the slightly simpler version of the blackPack®. It cannot be compressed. The shell is made out of clingy fabric, which is perfect for the Loading Bag Aqua. Because you can’t compress the blackPack® ESY, your training is automatically more instable due to the freely moving water inside. You can find out more about the blackPack ESY, its features, and the available sets and versions on the product page.

You can combine both blackPack® systems with the aeroSling® and increase the number and variations of your exercises.

Rotational Deadlift 1
blackPack® rotational dead lift starting position. Plant your feet firmly on the ground and flex your whole body. In the second part of the exercise you rotate to the side to put the blackPack® on the floor.
Rotational Deadlift 2
blackPack® rotational dead lift ending position. Keep your back straight throughout the whole range of motion.


Sandbag exercises with the blackPack

Looking for sandbag exercise videos? You can find some of our favorite sandbag exercises here. You will find very effective and challenging exercises that will give you a versatile functional training with sandbags that you can even intensify when you use the blackPack as an aquabag. Go and check it out!

blackPack® Sandbag Training with aeroSling®

You can attach the blackPack® to the aeroSling® using the build-in carabiners. Using this, you can make certain exercises easier due to the lead of the aeroSling®. This also drastically increases the number of possible sandbag training exercises. The blackPack® can now be used as a counterweight in pulley exercises or as additional weight for squats. The following photos show squats and shouldering combined.

Squats + Shouldering 1
Starting position for the combined aeroSling® squat and blackPack® shouldering. The body is straight, all muscles flexed. For this to work well, the aeroSling® straps have to be kept in constant tension.
Squats + Shouldering 2
Next position for the combined aeroSling® squat and blackPack® shouldering. Bend your knees while holding the tension on the aeroSling® straps and keeping the blackPack® on your shoulders.
Squats + Shouldering 3
Expansion of the above exercise using aeroSling® and blackPack®. From the squat, stand up tall all the way on your tiptoes and lift the blackPack® overhead. In the ending position here, you are fully extended, you whole body is straight and flexed. The aeroSling® straps have to be under constant tension.
Squats + Shouldering 4
Ending position of one whole exercise combination. Bend your arms and take the blackPack® on the shoulder opposite from the starting position. From here, you start over with a squat, then stretch all the way up on tiptoes with blackPack® overhead.